Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspired by Mary Poppins

When I want my kids to do something I sing that song from Mary Popping "Let's go Fly a Kite" except it's more like "Let's go night night" "Let's go take a nap" "Let's go take a bath" You get the idea. So I thought it might be fun after years of singing that song they could actually hear me sing the right words. So I bought these $1.00 kites at Walmart to try it out. Let me just say that if you do buy a cheapo kite they actually work out pretty good but here's a tip: the tail or streamers are the key. They must be because Carson's kite still had the tail on it and it flew a lot longer than Kate's which had no tail. Ok kite lesson over. It was fun and Kate kept laughing when her Barbie kite kept taking nose dives. So it wasn't a total loss on the Barbie kite. :)

The Barbie and Cars kite. I am currently mad at my camera or maybe it's mad at me because it refuses to auto focus. I have no idea whats wrong or what button I pushed. So frustrating!

The champ of the kites.

I had to label him. Look how tiny he is and how mightily he's trying to guide that kite and make it stay up in the air. :)

Sometimes the light is so beautiful when you catch it just the right way. It's rained quite a bit lately and made everything so green.

That little boy in the green shirt has some mad kite flying skills. :)

Where all great kites end up. But I was able to rescue it which naturally made me the hero of the day.

Just to prove we did get Barbie off the ground for a little while

In the end, they just wanted to slide. Notice the holding hands. So sweet.

Carso "borrowed" this soccer ball from some older boys that showed up at the park.

He really puts his whole little body into that kick.

Not sure if he was tired here or maybe hiding the ball, but he stayed like this for the longest time.


Burke and Stacey said...

There are so many of my favorites in this post. Carson kicking the ball and sitting on the ball....adorable! But my favorite favorite is the slide picture. That is sweet.

And the kite flying looks so fun!

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