Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mimi's Week End

  I surprised my Mom for her birthday and Mother's Day by flying to Louisville this week end. My family loves surprises so this was a really big treat for everyone involved. As my sister in law Care said "I want to make it a good surprise, but not induce a heart attack." We worked up a plan where she would be out of her room taking a walk (she is in a rehab center recovering from post knee surgery and preparing for another knee surgery) and when she came in I would be sitting in a chair just casually reading a magazine. It totally worked. She was very surprised. She had NO idea. We were all pretty proud of ourselves. So many wonderful memories from this week end are so special to me. Getting to spend some good quality time with my amazing sister in law Care. We had some really good talks and as always she was such a source of encouragement. She is truly a diamond in the rough and my brother and nephews are beyond blessed to have her. The way she has taken care of my Mom just like she was her own Mom just brings me to tears every time I think about it. I also got to spend some great quality time with my Brother Benjy. We actually got to have some good long discussions and we even got in a 5 mile run together and realized we were perfect running partners that ran at the same pace. And we laughed. Oh boy did we laugh. I always say nobody can make me laugh like my brothers. Our sense of humors are completely in sync and we can have each other laughing like fools with in seconds. I also got to spend some time getting to know my nephews. These 4 boys are amazing. They are just so enjoyable to be around. Each unique in his own way but so genuine. The truly special time this week end was spent with my Mom. We just got to hang out for a long time talking and laughing. I encouraged (made) her attend the bingo activity on Monday and we talked our way through the whole thing all the time asking each other, "What number did she call?" I will always be so incredibly thankful for this week end that was filled with such joy for me. And now the pictures....

My brother and his family live on all of this land that is so beautiful ad GREEN! I just had to take a picture:)

Reece is already an amazing guy with such a kind heart and sense of responsibility

Piersen just cracks me up. He had his Mom and I laughing in the van one day because he managed to cover 6 very broad based  subjects in under five minutes. A truly inquisitive mind 

Chase has the most tender heart of any kid I have ever known. I can tell that his capacity for compassion will be endless.

M brother kept closing his eyes Forrest Gump style every time I would try to take a picture, so he over compensated here:) 

Ok that's better Benj:)

The whole crew at Mom's birthday lunch:) 

There's my Hudson or as I like to call him my Huddy Buddy. I think got tired of me telling him how much fun he and Carson would have.

Care made this amazing carrot  cake for my Mom:)

My Mom and I at her Mother's Day Lunch. We ordered in PF Changs. It was perfect.

The Moms:)

My beautiful sister law dancing with Forrest Gump. I tell ya there's nothing funnier than two Church of Christ kids dancing.

Reece was in charge of the riding mower that day. He was so proud.


Burke and Stacey said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe Reece is driving the lawn mower!! He looks so grown up! These are some great pictures. The Church of Christ dancing one made me laugh. Loved it! So glad you had a wonderful time!

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