Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Card Out Takes

I  was not going to do a Christmas card this year. I mean, really who besides grandparents and certain Aunts wants to see a picture of Kate with her mouth wide open and/or Carson with a sneer on his face? But then on Friday we played our favorite camera game "let's try to beat the self timer beep and scramble into place." And lo and behold a minor Christmas miracle! A picture where #1 we were all smiling and #2 we all had our clothes on (ahem, boys!) But it took us awhile to get there. Enjoy the out takes that led to the official Christmas photo. Merry Christmas Everyone!

I ruined this one with my "crazy eyes." I was trying to make Kate smile.

Too much smiling for Mom, not enough for Kate but I LOVE the look on Carson's face.


Yes, my daughter just jumped on my back. Hard!

My 2 guys.
The "Official" Photo


Stacey at Giggles and Glue Sticks said...

thats a good one

we expect a copy in the mail

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