Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well Poop!

If you've ever had kids you probably have some good poop stories in your Parental Story library. I always laugh at seeing sqeamish parents who gingerly change those first poopy diapers of their new borns. With in weeks they are old pros and probably have a story...or three about poop. Funny kid stories and poop seem to go hand in hand. Tonight as I was putting the kids in the bath tub I proclaimed our two bathtub rules once again # 1. The water stays IN the bath tub and #2. No pooping in the water. Funny that that is rule #2. Get it? Ok well that rule was made for a definite reason as that has happened more times than I care to share. ANYWAY I went in there to check on my crew and they were playing nicely but I smelled poop. I didn't really think anything of it because #1 i've pretty much been smelling poop for the last 4 years (even when there is no poop around) and #2 I didn't see any in the usual place (the water). The 2nd time I went to check on them it was undeniable. I said "man it smells like poop in here!" and that's when Carson piped up "Look Mommy, there's poop!" And there it was. Sitting there in a nice neat pile on the shelf by the tub. Once again I asked the question, "Who's poop is that?" Carson immediately fessed up. I have to give him credit even though I don't even want to think about how he accomplished it, but he was definitely trying to follow rule #2.

These pictures have nothing to do with poop (thank goodness right?) but i am firm believer that any blog post is better with pictures:)
The scene I walked in on the other day. School was in session as teach was in the chair and Carson was dutifully sitting on his designated pillow. Ha! It does do my reader heart good to see them reading books.

I guess Kate believes in the teach yourself while I read this book by myself method.

New Dora slippers from Aunt Stacey, Uncle Burke and Marin.

So cute. I knew they would want to wear them everywhere. And they did. Everywhere.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reindeer Shirts

My latest Christmas creation. I got this idea for these reindeer shirts from Noodles and Milk

Reindeer Games

Game #1Who's Your Taco?

This is a game the kids invented one day. They fold their pillows in half and chase each other around the house shouting "Who's your taco?!!!?!?!" I have no explanation for it but I DO love seeing their imaginations at work and hearing their giggles:)

Who's your taco?!?!!?!

Game #2 How many times can Kate look away from  the camera??
#1 But isn't she beautiful? Wearing her grown up outfit.

#2 but I love this Mommy and Me shot:)

#3 She loves her Daddy.
 Game #3 Talk on and on about how much you want to see Santa all week, and then step one foot in line and bail out leaving your brother stranded on Santa's lap.
Funny part about this picture is that he wasn't too happy but when I went to lift him off poor Santa's lap he didn't want to leave!

Game #4 Bucket Heads. This is one of their favorites lately. Easter baskets on head and chase each other around. Lifting up occasionally to make sure they aren't running into anything. Although that happens to....A LOT!

He's destined for greatness with that bucket on his head.

The meeting of the minds/bucket heads.

Game #5 Pretty Pretty Princess AKA accessorizing your brother for pictures to be used at a later date

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Tree Deco by Kate and Carso

I had the day off today so i decided to Christmas up the place

Buddy found his way to the tree which is a good thing because I had been running out of high places to prop him. I mean, last night I put him on the box fan. The kids were not impressed.

So I clicked the Christmas tree together (still a little jaded by the artificial tree) before the kids got home from school. When they walked in they had a Christmas Tree surprise.

Kate went right to work. Didn't even take off her jacket. She hung those ornaments like a pro. Like she had done it all her life.

Carson to. Although I will say that he was still wanting to throw the ornament balls much like his first Christmas when he was 10 months old. Something never glad!

Ahem! This is what happens when a 3 year old decorates your tree. You get 5 ornaments on one branch. My coworker told a story this week of how she would let her son decorate the whole tree and then rearrange it to her liking when he went to bed. He didn't catch on until he was 12! Well I'm telling you this, those 5 ornaments are staying. I'm too tired and frankly way too type B (the opposite of type A?) to mess with a kid decorated tree.

Oh he's still my baby. I love this shot.

Oh and this one to.

And can I just reminesce? This was Carson one year ago! Notice the no pants in 2010 and no shirt in 2011. But look how he's grown in one year! 

My precious ones.

A look back.......Be still my heart. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What a Week End!

Word to the Wise. Do NOT try to make Cinnamon Rolls with out Cinnamon. It's not the same.

But DO buy this Williams Sonoma cook book if you can. I made 3 recipes out of it this week end. Cinnamon Nutmeg Rolls, homemade strawberry pop tarts,'ll see. :)

The many moods of my son in (I promise you) the space on ONE minute. First up, Mad Carson.

Content Carson

Extremely Happy Carson

This is Kitty Kat Kate. Kate's favorite thing to be when she is make believing. Here she is giving me her best meow!!

Lately, Carson has taken to drinking out of a coffee cup. It's quite cute.

And he knows it.

We got a new friend this week end. He's our Elf on the Shelf',  Buddy. It's been so cute to see the kids looking for him in the morning and then saying "There he is, there's Buddy!" I thought they would have a big problem with the #1 Buddy Rule:You can't touch Buddy. Amazingly Carson has really taken to it. Telling Kate over and OVER "You can't touch Buddy Kate. That's the rules!"

Monster Truck tattoos. :)

Twin Beanie Heads!

Not many people know this, but there is a monster living at out house. he wears a stylish dish cloth mask and rides a pink motorcycle. He likes to follow me around when I'm cooking or when I'm trying to get something done really quick.

I made this delicious and scrumptious yet very ugly looking Carrot Cake this week end. Just for me. Homemade everything. Yum! I plan to have a slice everyday. Tis the season...for getting fat!

I'm in training for quilt making. I made this mini quilt last night. See how those corners match up and come together evenly? That's happiness in the quilting world.

Quilting makes me happy and turns out to be quite therapuetic.

Ordered this amazing gorgeous fabric this week end. Can't wait to get started!!!

I used this power tool a lot this week end on a VERY  BIG home improvement project I am working on. I am loving it and hating it all at the same time. Me with a power tool? Who would have thought? Definitely to be continued.......

Friday, November 25, 2011

Who Wants Free Cash???

So I have been on this kick lately of earning cash back on everything I buy. I ditched Bank of America and signed up with Perkstreet . I earn 2% cash back on everything I buy and (very important here )it is NOT a credit card. 2% cash back on a Debit Card!! Woohoo!! I earn cash back on purchases plus the bills I pay online. I have been with them a month and have already earned $35 cash back and counting. :)

The second way to earn cash back I wish I had found out about  sooner.As in before I finished my Christmas Shopping.  is simply amazing. You get cash back for shopping online at every store. Tonight I made a purchase at one of my favorite stores Sephora (an early Birthday gift:)) and earned 10% cash back and then if you add in my 2% I am already getting back from my bank account at Perkstreet that's a total of 12% cash back!!!! It's totally free and I figure why not earn cash back for things you were going to buy anyway! Click Here to Start earning cash back:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Product That Changed My Life.....I Mean Stairs

Our house has it's own little quirks like any house. But the one I could not understand from the day we moved in was the different color wood on our stairs. We have dark mahogany cabinets in our kitchen  but this blondish looking wood for our stair rail. I remember asking the builder about it and he kind of shrugged at me as if to say "look lady we're not changing it. Do you guys want to buy the house or not." Well, ever since then I have wanted to stain the stair rail dark to match our cabinets but I was always advised I would have to sand first and then stain.Yuck!  And then I discovered Polyshades. :) It's a stainer and top coat all in one. It allows you to stain wood over your existing finish. NO sanding required. I was a tad skeptical but even though I am cautious in almost every other area in my life I am a rebel when it comes to DIY. I will try almost anything. So i went to town. No testing a inconspicuous spot first.  I went full boar head on into it and I'm so glad I did. What I got was a complete transformation. Blonde wood to a rich dark shiny mahogany finish. See for yourself.

Before: Boring Blonde

After: Rich vibrant mahogany in 2 hours

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6