Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Measure of a Mom

I don't ever expect to get any medals for being Mom of the Year. Kate still takes a bottle (only) and won't eat table food. Carson can't get the hang of sleeping through the night. They probably won't learn their ABCs at a remarkably young age either.That's ok. I've learned just recently not to measure my kids to other kids. My kids are special and unique in every sense of the word. I've stopped reading those developmental milestone emails that I signed up for. I was tired of making my kids a check list. You know, at 4 months is putting hands together- check, at 6 months is batting at objects- check, at 15 months is doing the family tax returns-check! I was obsessed with the "milestones."I was elated when my kids would reach them and bummed when they didn't. Then I came to the realization that most Moms do. Who cares? These kids are special and unique in their own God given way. I stopped measuring and started enjoying them.
There is another type of measuring I used to do.It is way more self defeating than measuring my kids. Here it is... I used to measure myself against other Moms. I know you've done it to. We've all thought one Mom has it more together, is more patient with their children, has a cleaner house, better behaved children, and the list goes on and on. Why did I do this? What made me say, "I want to be just like her." Why didn't I say, "I want to be the Mom God wants me to be." I've started saying that very thing over and over to myself and you know what? The comparisons to other Moms just fall away. God has opened my eyes. You know that Mom that you think has it all together? Chances are she was begging God for some sanity this morning when her 2 year old threw her 3rd temper tantrum of the day. And the Mom who is patient with her children? She just lost it when her 4 year old insisted that he wear his cowboy boots for the 5th day in a row. Oh and the Mom who has better behaved children? Yeah, she just came away sweating from a fight to put on her little girls clothes. We are all in the same boat ladies. We're all in this together. I know it and you know it. That's why I love REAL Moms. The Moms who are ok with telling it like it is. And the great thing is that when you are real yourself, you don't judge, you don't think that Mom or child is imperfect. You just know she is doing the best she can with God's help.
I may not have the clean house, patience, or well behaved bits down but boy do I love these kids. I excel at wrapping them in huge hugs. I have mastered covering their faces in kisses. I know what makes Kate laugh and Carson smile. The rest of it will fall in to place if I put it in God's hands . God chose me to be the Mommy to Kate and Carson and although sometimes I still can't believe it, I feel so blessed. I enjoy them for who they are and I am starting to enjoy me for who I am as a Mommy. I must admit it's an endless work in progress.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunshine Girl

I love to take pictures in natural light. Yesterday the sun was streaming in through our windows and Kate was basking in it. She was unsure about my shadow and kept trying to step on it. She kept bringing her little Bible out from her room and opening it up to read it. These are some of my favorite pictures of her so far.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just the Two of Us

Alright so it wasn't a lovefest, but at least she noticed him. Here are some pictures of Kate showing Carson the many features of her,I mean his (now) activity center.
The Dynamic Duo. There is nothing they can't accomplish together.They just don't know it yet.

Just because Kate doesn't pay attention to Carson does not mean Carson doesn't love looking at Kate.

See here bro, you press this and the lights and music come on. Listen up, because I won't be repreating myself.

Carson with some self reflection in the mirror.

Monday, May 11, 2009

KC Fix

As in just in case you need a Kate and Carson fix.....Here are some pics from the last week.
Kate uses her thumb, Carson prefers his whole fist

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Want to See a Miracle?

Then hop on over to the blog "Here's our story." It's located on the right hand side. This little boy was not supposed to live. His parents had a decision to make before he was born. Either deliver him at one hospital where he would die shortly after being born or have him at another hospital and see what they could do for him. Since he was born this boy has been miraculous over and over again. And today he is home. Sleeping in his own bed free from tubes or wires and breathing on his own. Don't EVER say God can't do something. Jacob is living proof. This couple agonized over a child they would never get to know and now he is sleeping safe and sound in their own home. Please go there. Read their story. I promise you'll be amazed at how great our God is.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Party at My Crib

Tonight Kate invited Carson to a little impromptu party in her crib. He thought this was strange since she never bothers to look his way or even acknowledge him during the day but he was psyched to go. "What do I wear?"he thought, "I have to wear something memorable."

When he arrived at the party he decided to park/prop himself in the corner to appear cool and unassuming. Unfortunately he immediately knew his outfit was all wrong for two reasons #1 It's yellow..for a boy?!?!?!Come on Mom! #2 This used to be Kate's. "I wonder if she'll notice?" he thought.

Oh man! I guess she noticed. How embarassing!

"Listen up Carson. To really be cool when Mommy points her camera at you look away like I do. That's the cool thing to do.I'll show you."Kate said.

"Yeah look away just like this...oh my goodness!What are you doing?!?! You're looking right at her!"

"I said DON'T look at the camera. There you are looking directly AT the camera!Making me look bad!"

Carson took this look from Kate as a sign to leave.

No matter.He wasn't ready for bed yet so he hit his favorite night spot. A little place he likes to call..... "The Activity Gym". Then he partied til the break of 8:30 PM.Good Times!

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6