Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Party

Carson's school had a Halloween party on Wednesday. Kate and I got to be there and we all loved it. I love it when Kate goes back there. They make a big deal out of her and she just busts her buttons with pride.

It was actually team jersey day at Kate's school. Both of my kids decided on their own to be exactly what they were last year. My wallet was so happy:)

Our dynamic trio

Love that mask. Always cock eyed

I figured it would be ok to put a pic of Carson and his friends on here since they had masks on. :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Because I Don't Want to Forget

Carson has had  a growth spurt lately and is nearly as tall as Kate. And their faces look so much alike that I am getting the question everywhere we go now "Are they twins?" And you know what? I sometimes say "Why yes they are!"

The following "Because I Don't want to forgets"  are all Carson this time. I love his heart and the boy that he is growing to become.

Carson has had  his ups and downs with behavior at school like any red blooded 4 year old boy. We talk about making good choices everyday and what that looks like. And he has come such a long way and MOST days is on the coveted blue square (the highest behavior tier). A bonus is that he knows what the word disruptive means since his most common offense is "Disruptive during nap time."
One day I came in and he was on blue and as I was telling him how proud I was of his choices. He was quick to point out that almost all of his classmates were on a blue also that day. An unbelievable miracle! He said "I am so proud of all of them!"

Saturday morning I slept in a little while the kids watched a movie and played. We have 3 games that we play all of the time, Candy land, War, and Zingo. Carso came into the room and told me they were going to play Zingo and I told him that was great and to have fun. And he looked at me with a worried look on his face and said "with out you Mommy?" I had to tell him that I was ok sitting this one out. He was actually concerned that I would have hurt feelings if I wasn't included.

The other day I was asking him to please put on his shoes and he was telling me that he needed my help. I said "Carso! You put your shoes on by yourself at school all of the time!" and he said "yeah and I put them on the wrong feet all of the time because you're not there to help me!"  That one cracked me up.

One last one.
We were walking out of Kroger yesterday and Carson was a couple of steps in front of me. This lady was getting out of her car and she said to me, "Did you just hear what your little boy just  said?" and I thought "oh no what did he say now?" his favorite word is poop mind you.
She said "He just said "I am SO happy!" " She was smiling and laughing.

Once again, that little boy is mine all mine and I love him so much. :)

Angry Birds Cupcakes

So this week end was supposed be jam packed. The first flag football game, a sweet friends birthday party, and the school carnival. BUT Friday night Carso got sick. It's the same thing he gets every year at the same time when the weather fluctuates from 90 to 60 every single day. Poor kid. On Friday and Saturday we were up every 3 hours doing breathing treatments and I was mentally playing out in my head what an ER trip would look like. He was doing that fast scary breathing. I am pretty seasoned in this and have seen him have some rough patches but Friday was particularly bad and I prayed and prayed over him as he struggled to breathe and we waited for the medicine to do its work. So long story short we had a week end of rest and recuperation at home. I love my kids. Guess how many times they asked about their football game? ZERO! They were just so happy to stay at home and play. We tried to go to the carnival but we were there for 30 minutes and I could tell that Carson just didn't feel well even though he made a valiant run through the bounce house maze.:) So we headed home. He was feeling much better on Sunday so we decided to make some Angry Birds cupcakes. The kids helped me out a lot with these. They loved mixing the batter with the electric mixer. They still could not get the knack of cracking the eggs although we sacrificed two for them to try it out:) Carson watched this lady on You Tube. He calls her "my cupcake lady." And he has watched the video of her making the Angry Birds cupcakes so many times that he has the ingredients memorized by heart. When I told him that we were going to use orange DOTS for the beaks he said "No Mommy Rosie uses orange Laffy Taffy." and as we were cutting the "marshyellows" he asked me if I was using my "kitchen scissors"

It was his idea to add the red jelly bean for the tongue on the piggies. :)

Happy kids:) Does not take much with these 2:)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Kate and Carson Photogs

We ended our fun Saturday at our favorite frozen yogurt shop and I let the kids take pictures with my camera (with a lot of help from me) They loved it and thought it was hilarious. I did to as they seemed to get the funniest shots of each other and me:)

Taken by Kate.

Picture by Carson. He said "Show me your angry face Kate." I was laughing so hard.

Orange lips and teeth. She loves the watermelon orange combo with rainbow sprinkles.

My favorite pic that Carson took of Kate.

Love Carson's face in this one.

Carson's pic of Mommy. I wasn't ready:)

Pumpkin Patch with a Side of Sunburn

We headed to the Pumpkin Patch on a scorching Saturday afternoon this week end. We went to the same one as last year and it was just as hot (maybe hotter) than last year. It was our shortest visit ever due to the heat, but we still got some great pictures.

Kate's outfit for the day. She's an original!

Pictures went so much better this year. They were way more cooperative. :)

Love this one. Her idea completely. I think she is finally getting on board with the whole picture taking thing. Finally...after 5 1/2 years.

Oh son.

Carson loved these tractors once again. He could have spent the whole time here. Pouting alert ahead.

Kate just watching the tractors go by.

Pouting in the Pumpkin Patch. I finally pulled him off of the tractors because Kate had gone to play on the slides.

Again her idea. :) What a girl!

We go to the pumpkin patch for the fun but not to buy pumpkins. We bought ours at Kroger for $3 before we went.

But we walked away with these lovely $1 gourds:)

When we got in the car the kids were already playing with their gourd family.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Epic Morning

Kate's school had a parade yesterday to kick off their Epic reading program. When ever I step into the doors of Kate's school I hear the word Epic. It seems to be their theme word. Being the nerd that I am I just had to look it up. Epic means surpassing the usual or ordinary. I think that is a pretty original and very appropriate word for a school. The parade's theme was characters from all different kinds of books. The kids were encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character. Kate chose to dress up as Super girl which I was thrilled about because once again we are getting mileage out of last years costume. It was hilarious to see because the parade went from youngest to oldest. The kindergarten classes consisted of all super heros:) but as the older kids came along you could see a wide variety of book characters. It was awesome. Kate was smiling and waving her little flag that she made in art class. And they had the drum team and drill team from the high school come out to give it a real parade feel. After the parade we went to visit her and she said "Mom the reason why I wasn't smiling so much was because I had to go pee." Simple explanation there.

Carson and I walked from our house to the parade hand in hand. Yesterday was emotional for me as it dawned on me that my days of doing these things and being there for these special events are most likely numbered. I keep praying for a job where I can continue to work from home or at least one close to home, but most likely I will be in an office at 9 am. You better believe I am cherishing every minute of these days where I can be close by.

Me and Captain America.

Mommy look!

My SUPER girl

He picked this tiny little flower for me on the way home.

This is his "I'm tired and can't possibly go on" pose. But he did. I was trying not to laugh but he would take about 10 steps and then bend over with his hands on his knees like he was  catching his breath:)

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6