Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Pictures

We hit the Pirate Splash Park one last time on Labor Day.

Mr. Hollywood

Beautiful smile.

This is Kate with her cousin Marin. :) They are nearly 3 years apart which may seem like a lot now, but when they get to the teenage  years....look out!

This Pirate is large and in charge. He was doing his best scary pirate face. Noticed the clenched fist.

It may look like he's about to be run over by a car while I non chalantly take a picture of him but the real story is so sweet. As any Mom who has boys can attest, they can be one large pain in the rump one minute and extremely sweet the next. This was a sweet moment. Kate was taking her sweet time getting out of the car so Carso said "Mommy I'm going to sit right here and wait for you." :)

And finally, he loves to open up his window and "feel the wind"

Friday, September 28, 2012

Because I Don't Want to Forget....

These days I never know when I will have time to blog so I write down the things I want to remember about the kids on little scraps of paper. Just trying to keep up with them is so much fun and I am so glad that I have this blog as their memory book. This post has memories interspersed with pictures that have nothing to do with the memories. Can you handle it? Ok here we go!

1. Last night Kate and Carson were talking about their Birthday parties and Carson said very sincerely, "Kate will you come to my birthday party?" Kate let out a very exasperated loud sigh and said "Carson I'm SO busy!" His little face just fell. I said "Don't worry Carso we'll clear her schedule. She WILL be there!" What's funny is that I know that she didn't get that from me. I can't stand it when people talk about how busy they are. One of my pet peeves. Although I do frequently say we are SO late and I hear Kate saying that all of the time. If you ever want to have a mirror of your self in your face every single day just have kids. They are good at unknowingly pointing out your shortcomings:)

Pirate Boy. It's amazing what dollar store items will do for a boy's imagination. (It's also amazing what a camera repair shop would do for a great camera. Grrrrrrr.....)

2. The other night I was tucking Carson into bed and I was telling him, "Carso you are going to grow up to be a great man of integrity." He repeated me and  said "Mommy I'm going to grow up to be a great mens." Suddenly Kate pipes up and says, "No mommy mens grow up to be babies!" I'm not big at all on men bashing but I thought that was pretty funny how she said it with such conviction.



Kate was wearing a very girly ensemble the other day. It was even more amazing that she was wearing something in her hair!

3. When ever Kate doesn't want to walk some where she will always say, "I can't walk Mommy my leags are so heavy!"
Spider boy visits our house all of the time and occasionally so does spider girl which makes spider boy kind of mad.
4. The other day I was chasing Carson around the room trying to get him dressed and he was just running around. I said "Carson you have to stop so Mommy can get you dressed!" He said "Sorry Mommy my socks can't stop!"
I really don't care that we are 5 weeks out from Halloween. We have decorated!

5. Carson is really big on making sure you are listening to him when he talks. He is forever saying, "Mommy I can't see your eyes when I'm talking to you!" God forbid I multi task. This boy wants full eye contact!

6. Just a little tip for all Moms out there. Make sure you at least skim a book before you launch into reading it. I was reading a book the other day to the kids about this cute cuddly dog. The story goes on to talk about how the boy comes home from school one day looking for the dog and when he asks where he is the Dad blurts out "Sam's dead." And of course I read it just like that. I'm all about reality but I really wasn't ready for that abruptness. I mean they could have given me a hint in the title or something. Like maybe renaming the book Timmy's Dog Kicks the Bucket. Kind of nice kid sounding title don't you think?

7. Kate has the way of self talking. Like if she's sitting there playing she will prompt me and say, "Mommy, say Kate What are you doing?" or if she does something good she will say "Now say Kate good job!"

8. The other day Carson was playing with his Dr's kit and he gave me an exam. After he was finished with taking my blood pressure he rips off the cuff with flair and  said , "Ok that will be $50!" Wow.

9. Carson likes to flatter. Especially   when he is teetering on the brink of being in trouble. The other day he was scambling for something flattering to say when he came out with, "Mommy, I like your eyeballs!"

10. The other day we were at Kroger shopping and there was this older gentleman behind us and Carson  said "mommy who is that guy?" I said "I'm not sure Carson why don't you ask him?" So Carson and this sweet man got into a little conversation. We finally broke away and about 10 minutes later we saw the same guy in the frozen foods section. When Carson spotted him he said really loud, "Mommy! It's my guy!" That wonderful man was just tickled! I whispered to carson as we walked away, "You have no idea sweet boy but I think you made that man's day.":)
11. My daycare does a lot of great things but they cannot take a good picture of my kids.
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Last week end the kids and I hit Hobby Lobby and bought 2 canvases. We brought out all of the paint when  we got home and they went to town. Such a fun cheap project. And now their masterpieces are hanging in the kitchen.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Donuts Are In!

Fried dough is just breathtaking don't you think? I ran out of sugar so I rolled them in powdered sugar. It was just the right amount of sweetness.

She loved them and had 2 before we went to church.

Carso was a big fan to. :) He said, "I love you Mommy for making us donuts." Sweet boy.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

These Days.....

He insisted this picture be taken. He calls it "power ranger on a lion."

Two words. GOOF BALL

This scene immediately took me back to my child hood days when my Mom would leave my brothers and I in the car while she went in to the post office. We thought it was hilarious to turn the radio up really loud so that when she turned on the car she would get a surprise. I'm pretty sure she was on to us as she looked into the back seat and saw us covering our hands with our ears bracing for what was to come. And yes my Mom felt safe enough to leave us in the car. You know back in the days where you didn't need a car seat until you were EIGHT.

This picture was incredibly blurry but I got it looking half way decent by using the '60s and Cinemascope processing feature on Picasa.

I don't know though. This effect does have a way of removing the wrinkles from my face. It might be a keeper.

I am SO getting my camera fixed. It will be my Christmas present to myself.

I can hardly look at this picture with out tearing up. In one way she looks so much older and then in another glance she looks like a baby. Oh dear.

My favorite thing that my kids do? Just play. And play well together.

We love popsicles around here. Unfortunately this one was left behind. A black table is SO forgiving. Painting that table black was a great move.

Time to Make the Donuts

I bought a Woman's Day magazine today and found a recipe for donuts. Kate LOVES donuts. Today at the store we were at the check out line and she said "Mommy I didn't get MY donuts!"( I let her take home that little container of Krisy Kreme donut holes everytime we make a grocery run.) We were at check out and the Krispy Kreme Kiosk was way over on the other side of the store. I said "Ok I will watch you, just go get them." Kate is a safety girl so she was hesitant. I told her it would be ok and she skipped/ran across the store while I watched her, silently calculating the odds in my head of her chances of being kidnapped on the way to get donut holes. Highly unlikely. She spotted them and RAN  across the store back to me waving the donut holes above her head SHOUTING "I got 'em Mommy! I got 'em!" So once we got home and spotted the recipe we were set.

Setting the Mood with my Cinnamon Sugar Donut candle.

Carson is one with the mixer. He has almost figured out how to attach the paddle. It took about....oh....20 minutes for me  to figure it out when I got this mixer. It was quite the sight.

My little cooks. I read this really cool book about how the French raise their kids and one of the things that stuck with me was that French parents bake with their kids every week. Teaching them to measure, pour, stir etc. Well my kids love it. Oui Oui!

45 minutes and two  time outs later (due to an unfortunate flour accident)  we have dough. Which is resting in our fridge overnight. Part deux tomorrow. :)

Our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

He visits us EVERY single week end.

Our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Decorations

While the rest of the country can look forward to cooler temperatures in the next couple weeks, people in the southern states know that we have to slug it our with summer until at least October. I think that's why I see Fall decorations go up so much earlier around here. Kind of a fake it until you make it approach. (or force it:) People up north can take their cooler temps for granted knowing they will be there. On the other hand we have to wish hope and guess when they will be here. So for lack of knowing, we just decorate. The kids and I hit Hobby Lobby to check out the goods on Saturday. That Hobby Lobby is tricky. The FALL decorations are 40% off but NOT the Halloween decorations. Which I found out much to my chagrin after my kids fell in love with some cool Halloween monsters and had already created stories for them. Isn't Halloween considered Fall? I stuffed my cheapness down and paid full price (GASP!) for some of the stuff. Which is almost going against everything I believe in, especially when it comes to Hobby Lobby. I comforted myself by using the standard 40% off coupon on one of the items. Ok point being.......we got us some cool Halloween decorations and I bought all of the stuff to make this Candy Corn Wreath I had my eye on that I found at by way of It was really easy to make and it didn't take half as long as I thought.

The full price kids. :) My kids had been playing with them and making up wonderful stories by the time we got to check out.

My Candy Corn wreath. I can't believe I put this on my door on September 3rd, but the red white and blue wreath didn't look right either:) Were pressing on to Fall! Willing it to happen!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Morning Time

Pancakes are always better when they are cut into heart shapes. I'm having to use some sneaky tricks to get Kate to eat. This one worked......for now.

Eyeing those pancakes. "Mommy I want 4 and I want them to be BIG!!!" He ate one.

She insisted this was her "best smile"

Taking a lap around the couch. This is really how I feel about life these days. It's all going by in a blur.

Sweet Monster boy

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6