Friday, February 28, 2014

School Is In Session

 I know that so many people are down on public school these days. It's very common to hear many parents talk about how our public schools are going to hell in a handbasket. But personally I think that public schools are working very hard for our kids. And if you ever get to talk to these heros that we call teachers you will know that they do their very best for our kids. They go above and beyond and many go way more than above and beyond. This is our first year in public school but I am just amazed by what a great year Kate has had. She LOVES her teacher. Case in point: There was a snow day this year  where the kids had to be picked up early from school. I asked Kate, "When Ms. H said you were going home early  did you shout yipppeee???" She said, "No I was sad because I had to leave Ms. H." On the first Monday on Christmas break Kate woke up and the first thing she said? "I miss Ms. H" and who can forget the time that we drove home from school with Kate shouting in the car, "I love you Ms. H! Have a great week end! See you on Monday!" Did I mention that Ms. H was nowhere in sight??:) It is such a comfort as a Mom to know that your kid (especially your first kindergartner not only loves school, but absolutely loves her teacher.) So while Kate told me the other that when she grows up she wants to be a mouse. (And can I make her a little house to protect her so that noone steps on her?) I think she really wants to be a teacher. :) Just look at this little scene I walked in on the other day.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spiritual Zingers

This post is mainly for my memory. Just some wonderful ways that God is showing His goodness and reminding that in these times of waiting that He is my provider.

Lately I have been so weary and my perspective has been driven by fear and worry. But last night I awoke out of a sound sleep and was suddenly aware of how easy it was to breathe. It just came over me what an amazing blessing it is to easily take in air to my lungs. And then I heard my 2 babies that God gave to ME breathing beside me. I believe that this was God's affirmation to me that He is taking care of me. All I need right now is to breathe and love my kids. He has the rest. Now surely being human I will worry tomorrow but now I have this memory in my mind forever. He is SO faithful!

The kids attend a childrens worship at our church called Power Kids. They come home singing the songs of course but lately they have been coming home with words that have  clearly made an impression on them. It's not just the Bible stories although those are certainly convicting. But it is the deep truths that have been planted by their teachers.

Carso told me the other day, "Mommy if your heart is broken, Jesus will give you a new one."

Kate told me, "Mommy you can talk to God Anytime you want to."

"Mommy, Jesus lives inside of my heart and he loves me!"

And this exchange between Kate and I the other night took my breath away.

Kate: Mommy where do people go when they die?

Me: Well they go to heaven to be with God and Jesus

Kate: I want to die Mommy!

After I caught my breath I told her that she had many more things that she needed to do for God and Jesus on the earth before that would happen. But oh my!

Oh to have the faith of a child. Her one  thought immediately with out hesitation was "if God and Jesus are there, then that's where I want to be!"


You know those words that only your family says and then you grow up and start to hang out with other families and realize that your family words are not actually words that everyone else uses? Well I feel that Brrrski! will be that word for Kate and Carson. Everytime we step out into chilly weather we say it. Last week we had a relatively nice day in the 70s but it turned colder later that week. I had a string of days where I turned off our central and it was just perfect. But like the true roller coaster of Texas weather it is 30 degrees today. But take heart! It will be 70 in 2 days.

Not brrrski:) The old tunnel made a back yard camping experience.

The kids have this new game where they sit on my feet and I try to walk. It's quite a work out and they love it:)

As if we need any more proof that Carso is a boy. A bam (gun) on one side and the ladder from his firetruck doubling as a sword on the other side.  

Brrrski!!! Today he threw on my coat and his blue cowboy boots to get the mail. He thought he was hilarious:)

Willing Spring

I would venture to say that this has been the hardest winter we have had yet. Consistently cold temps and even some snow and ice resulting in 4 snow days has made for a very unusual winter indeed. Of course we have had the occasional day in the 70s that teases us but for the most part it has been relatively cold. Never and I mean never have I wished for summer and the scorching hot temps that it brings but I would have to say that I am looking forward to the ease of it. No coats, hats, or gloves in the morning just out the door and go. So in anticipation of spring I have done a little crafting. Nothing fancy and mostly recycling things I have used before but it feels like spring in our house at least if not outside:)

Spring Mantle

It's a butterfly/chevron theme this Spring!

Love my fuzzy green wreath. At first I only added flowers but the butterflies gave it more color and I had so many of them!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Hiking Trail

Well it's official! We've been to this trail 3 times now.(Carson and I came here once by ourselves. Shhhh! Don't tell Kate!) It's OUR trail. I watched the kids as they blazed the trail ahead with confidence because they knew the way. So many people were out on the trail today because the weather was just beautiful. We actually hiked all the way to the lake today which was a major accomplishment. We hiked for a total of 2 hours. I told the kids before we left to find their good attitudes and put their whineys in their pocket and that's just what they did (for the most part).

Kate and I were sitting on a bench nearby and he was telling us that he was protecting us while we rested. He's getting this protective boy thing down.What a look!

Shells on the lake? Yep!

Kate called this the beach. Bless her little Texas heart. But when I think about it kind of looked like it.

And then Carson started clicking away.


I honestly might start hiring Carso if he can get a candid shot like this right. Love this one.

Mr. Photog.

Another Carson original ;)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Party

This party was a blast! It was wonderfully chaotic but there was so much love in this classroom. :)

Carso with his first chocolate covered strawberry. Turns out he ate the strawberry but not the chocolate:)

Picture by Carson. He's getting pretty good!

Proud of those Valentines!

Passing out her Valentines.

Kate and the famous Ms. H:) Kate loves her a whole lot if you can't tell;)

Kate Kicks It Up!

Today Kate was recognized at a special assembly at her school called Kick It Up! The teacher picks 2 students from her class who deserve special recognition for their hard work and effort. I have seen Kate work so hard at improving her behavior and her writing and reading skills. She was specifically recognized by her teacher for her improved writing and her constant effort to stretch out the sounds when she is reading. I am so proud of this girl. This has not been the easiest year for her but she has had  a complete turn around in the last few weeks. The one thing that has always stayed constant was that she LOVES school and she absolutely ADORES her teacher. This teacher has gone above and beyond working with Kate before school and working with me and Kate to create a game plan so that Kate can do her very best and shine. I am forever grateful to her teacher for how much she has invested in Kate and how much she loves her.

Kate receiving her award from the principal. The lady to the left is her teacher. A true blessing in our lives.

Ms. H giving Kate her sticker. It was pajama day at school;)

Signing the kick it up ball:)

Love this one. She is clapping for another class mate that got recognized.

The kindergarten Kick It Up kids:)

My Funny Valentines

Kate's Valentine box. Fun, quirky, and best of all made entirely by Kate. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Last of Our Birthday Fun

I have to say that this time of year is better than Christmas for me. I love our 2 week celebration of birthdays. Sunday morning was technically no one's birthday but we sang Happy Birthday and lit a candle anyway. Because we can. And we love to celebrate.

That's fierce love:)

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6