Monday, June 28, 2010

This Morning.....

Carson woke up on the wrong side of the bedAnd Kate woke up on the right side of the bedThey had breakfast togetherAnd played together

And then...................

someone came home.........

A better than average morning I would say!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turn off the Light!

Today I learned two great tricks. I finally found out a way to take pictures of my kids that I love! It's called TURN OFF the flash. When you turn off the flash the beautiful natural light is allowed to come through.  The other trick I learned is how to make your pictures bigger in blogger. You go to your settings then scroll down to global settings, click the button that says Updated Editor and then click save. It's a whole new blogger for me. I can actually see my pictures in my post and when you click on the picture you can pick the size of your picture. Brilliant!

I love the light in these pictures. End of the day light is the best!\And this is my favorite of Kate.

My favorite  picture of Carson to date!

Sewing Therapy

So to deal wit the sadness of missing the wedding, I sewed. It helped...a little. And now Kate has a new  outfit.

A redpolka dot market skirt

And can I just say that it drives me batty that I can never find simple solid color  shirts for Kate? Especially white! They always have to have some cutesy saying on them. So... I made one for her by making a pattern out of  a 12 mo. shirt of hers  that is too small now.
A white halter style shirt with ruffles of course!

A Toast

Yesterday my youngest brother Burke married a wonderful woman named Stacey. I have been at the weddings of my other 2 brothers but circumstances worked to where I could not attend Burke's wedding. Heartbroken is not the word. I'm sure there is another word that has not been invented yet to describe the way you feel when you miss such an important event in the life of someone that you love. But if I had been at his wedding and the brunch that followed I would have made a toast. I would have said that I am so thankful that my brother has found someone that loves him so much and who appreciates who he really is. I wish for you not perfection in marriage but that unexplainable feeling that comes when you know that it's right. That this is right where you're supposed to be and you wouldn't even think about being anywhere else. When you feel like you're home. I wish for you all of the best blessings that marriage has to offer. I love both of you.
Even though I wasn't able to be there the picture that my Dad sent me immediately after the ceremony tells me everything I need to know. My brother is happy and blessed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

17 Hours with the Rednecks

Ok a little story here. When my family would take these long drawn out summer vacations we would visit different churches on the appointed day and time. We were passing through some southern state one Sunday and happened upon a lovely church. Someone in our family filled out a visitor card and as is the old church custom they announce all of the visitors and ask them to stand up so that you can be recognized and so that no one will talk to you after the service. Just kidding. Now my family name is Brednich pronounced "Breadnick". The old fellow that read our visitors card that Sunday announced, "and today we have the Rednecks from Chicago." I don't really remember if any of us stood up and claimed the Redneck title but it has been our family joke ever since. That little story really has nothing to do with this post other than the fact that my bro and his family swept through Fort Worth this past Tuesday. It was great to get the Brednich cousins together. I loved watching my kids play with their cousins. Such a great relationship. Since my parents were only kids I never got to experience the cousin scene. My kids are loving it though. Please take note that the Brednich children are completely well versed in the art of smiling for a photo and our kids well they ate donuts, drank juice boxes, bit their lower lip. Basically did everything but smile. I think I might leave them with my sister in law Carolyn for a week for photo boot camp because when a camera is turned on her kids they immediately perk up and smile even the youngest little one, Hudson who is 7 months old.
Piersen Brednich smiling for the camera, Carson Gowens drinking a juice box

This was so cute. Piersen was giving Carson his apple juice. Carson wished these guys could stick around forever!

Carson learning how to shoot a rubber band gun

Reece (7) and Chase (5)

The two babies of their families

Kate studying cousin Hudson

I had to include this one. Kate seems to be saying, "I've been up all night with this baby and I've got SO much to do around here and I have no idea how I'm going to get it all done!"

I know I've mentioned this before but I am extremely blessed when it comes to sister in laws. Carolyn is smart, funny, caring and the fact that she puts up with my brother qualifies her for automatic sainthood.

My brother Benjy. I swear we have the same sense of humor. He was trying to explain this Will Ferrell skit to me that I have never seen. But just his explanation of it made me laugh so hard I was snorting. What I love about my brother is that he ALWAYS has a story. And they are the most unique and hilarious stories you've ever heard. His latest one involved hot water at the Comfort Inn. Ask him sometime if you ever meet him.

Piersen and Kate. These two are almost 1 year apart. I thought these 3 pics were hilarious. Please notice that Piersen is smiling in each picture while my girl is either eating a donut or scowling (or both).

I give you... the Cousins picture.Hudson was added at the end when he woke (was awakened) from his nap

A Self Timed Shot

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy's Day

Here are the words: Loving, Compassionate, kind hearted, disciplined, caring, changer of poopy diapers,master tickler, well versed in the art of daddy wrestling, fixer of bus and bones, boo boo mender, the quickest car seat changer in town, supreme waffle maker, storyteller, story reader, perfect shoulder to lay on (and cry on), wrapped around his little girl's finger but not in the extreme ;), Carson flipper, teacher, cradler, rocker, back patter, silly voice connoisseur, silly song enthusiast, bath supervisor, prayer leader, family hug initiator, and loving husband.

Those are just some of the words to describe this Daddy of ours. We love him. We cherish him. We are so blessed by him everyday. So proud to call him OUR Daddy.

Here are the pictures:

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6