Thursday, May 31, 2012


I took this picture on the way into work yesterday morning. It had been raining hard the night before and most of that morning. I thought it was amazing how all of these rays of sunshine were shining down from that one big hole in the sky. Light shining through darkness. Hope shining through.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

What a great week end. Seriously. I worked around the house all week end finishing projects I had started and put to the side. I knocked them all out this week end and my house is the better (looking) for it. And I did some do it your self projects that really aren't that big of deal, money wise, time wise, or skill wise. This week end I laid down some wood flooring, installed a glass tile back splash in my bathroom and installed bead board wall paper with a chair rail in my entry way. Oh and I also painted my new little reading room. Pictures to come:) This Memorial Day my friend Hopie invited the kids and I over for a cook out at her inlaws house. This was a major blessing for many reasons. My friend Hope is the calmest person I know and I needed calm this week end. Her mom in law is amazing and entertained my kids while I kind of took a breather. Big warning here:Lots of pictures of my kids ahead. i just didn't feel like I could narrow it down too much. These days I want every single one that I take on my blog. :)

Nothing comes between Carson and his pancakes. These seem to be a favorite for breakfast lately. He likes for me to cut them first and then syrup and Kate likes syrup first then cut. I keep forgetting so I always have to ask. Aren't those little eccentricies about our kids so much fun? And only we know them.:)

Just for that little moment in time she was all smiles and I snapped away like it was the last picture my camera would take. I think this one is my favorite.

But I do love a good profile shot of my girl's sweet face.

Ok this one has to be my favorite.

Nope, its this one. :)

Maybe this is just an all around kid thing but I catch both of mine doing it. Their head resting on that little hand looking like they are contemplating something very serious. Lost in thought. If Carson's thoughts could talk "Cars...trucks....rocket ships....more cars....":)

Seriously the key to a boy's happiness. Pancake mix fom a box and syrup. He loves the pancake that comes at the very end. You know that one that turns out all wonky because you don't have enough batter to make a circle? He calls it the monster pancake. He knows that one is all his. Even Kate knows not to even think about asking for that one.

I made this quilt for my beautiful friend Hopie's daughter, Vera. Wait until you see a picture of this girl. She has a very distinguishing feature. Wow! I was way in over my head with this quilt. Way over my skill level but I powered through.

Isn't she gorgeous???? Look at all of that hair! I tease Hopie and say it must have started growing at conception. Seriously this little girl is a miracle baby. She has slept through the night for over 2 weeks. She's only 6 weeks old:)

Miss Kathleen showing Carson the wonders of a pinwheel. I love this about my son. He had only known her for about 2 minutes when she asked him to go outside. He took her hand and off they went.

I know I said it  before but this one is my definite favorite:)

My kids love Hopie. When they see her they shout her name and give her a huge hug. I love that my kids know and love my dearest friends.

Hopie is the kindest person I have ever known. I have never known her to say an unkind word about anyone. Ever. Believe me this world is a much better place because she will be raising a daughter in it.


Loves of my life

Can you tell he's saying "Hi YAH!" to all of the bubbles. Karate chopping them of course!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Never Once

Scars and struggles on the way, but with joy my heart can say
Never once did I ever walk alone
Never once did you leave me on my own
You are faithful God! You are faithful!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Living in the Moment

At my desk during the week I literally count down the hours and minutes before I get to see my kids again. Because even though I would like to convince myself that they are little bumps on a log while I'm gone I know they are not and I know that I am missing SO much. So on the week ends I drink it all in. And take pictures on my camera and in my mind. The ones in my mind get me through the next week until I can drink it all in again. So very thankful for the time God gives me with them on my redeeming week ends.

We had a little visitor in our back yard more than once this week. I took this from the window because the minute we opened the door it hopped away. Even though I prepped the kids with the "inside voices" pep talk.

Ah finally one advantage of having a freaky camera. Do you see carso? Pretty cool eh? You can see right through him!

Butting into his business or a tender moment between siblings? Well, you know the one I'm voting for. :)

Tinkerbell flying around.

You know...a winter cap....because that get up gets cold!

Man I love that self timer on my camera. . The best thing ever invented. Guarantees my kids will get in a picture with me.

Green Lantern with his banana popsicle. He picked out his outfit today. How could I take the credit for this fabulous ensemble?

Blurry picture due to my camera acting a fool, but had to get the cars action. One of his favorite games....just simply making them go down that ramp over and over.

The Aquadoodle made an appearance today. Kate was practicing her As over and over.

From long shorts to short shorts...either way this outfit rocks.

What are these? Well I'm glad you asked.

Sprinkle Oreo Pops of course! I got the idea from a Tater Tots and Jello post. So incredibly easy. The cookie ministry that I'm a part of at church is making cookies for an elementary school we support and I thought instead of the same old cookies I usually churn out I would throw something new in there.

So incredibly easy and fun to make.

Here another project I recently became a part of. Downy Quilts for kids is a charity that delivers quilts to children that are hospitalized across the US. You can order a quilt kit for FREE and they will send it to you with all of the pieces pre cut. You just use your quilting talent or in my case fumbling skills to put it together. I had to laugh when I opened up my kit. Look at this fabric. I knew Carson would go nuts! I had to explain to him that it was for a little boy who loved Cars just like him that was sick in the hospital. He got sad but I realized he was having compassion and sympathy for the little boy and not sadness for himself. Score a big victory for God. I loved that little moment today. People always say that kids think the world revolves around them but for a few seconds today Carso knew that it didn't.

He seemed really happy that it would go to another little boy to make him happy. We will see how he feels when he sees the finished project:)

Two of the smartest purchases I have ever made have been the infamous Cosy Coupe and this tunnel. It's laughable how much they love this thing.

Ok I kind of confused my son today as I was working on two projects at once. He said "Mommy the cookies are for the boy in the hospital?" I said "No carso the cookies are for the kids at school." His face registered a "What in the world??" look.

Ok I have read about this stuff in several magazines. And people always go on and on about how wonderfull it smells "it's aromatherapy blah blah blah. Well blah nothing they were completely right. I am thinking about adding a smidge of this in my steam mop tomorrow and mopping the floors so my kitchen can smell like this. Me WANTING to mop??? Now you  KNOW this stuff is good!

This trivial blog post is being interupted by God. Would you just look at this sky that I was witnessed to tonight as the sun was setting. Wow!

Ok back to trivial. The kids love riding their "motorcycles" down the driveway and making this hair pin right turn onto the sidewalk. Kind of makes my heart leap but I always comfort myself by reasoning they will most probably land in the grass.

He tears down the driveway while Kate takes a more cautious approach.

It's just such a shame that this boy has ZERO personality. I mean how will he ever make it in life??

Another gaze at God's absolute power

A near wipe out, but he recovered nicely.

Yep he's sticking his tongue out at me.

My favorite light of the day. Here it comes......

It's that beautiful smile that gets me through the day.

I caught this pose. I think it's one of my all time favorites of him.

This sweet baby bunny was cornered on the neighbors porch. Poor thing!

And just when you think He's done with the sunset he creates this. What a day!

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6