Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reindeer Games

Game #1Who's Your Taco?

This is a game the kids invented one day. They fold their pillows in half and chase each other around the house shouting "Who's your taco?!!!?!?!" I have no explanation for it but I DO love seeing their imaginations at work and hearing their giggles:)

Who's your taco?!?!!?!

Game #2 How many times can Kate look away from  the camera??
#1 But isn't she beautiful? Wearing her grown up outfit.

#2 but I love this Mommy and Me shot:)

#3 She loves her Daddy.
 Game #3 Talk on and on about how much you want to see Santa all week, and then step one foot in line and bail out leaving your brother stranded on Santa's lap.
Funny part about this picture is that he wasn't too happy but when I went to lift him off poor Santa's lap he didn't want to leave!

Game #4 Bucket Heads. This is one of their favorites lately. Easter baskets on head and chase each other around. Lifting up occasionally to make sure they aren't running into anything. Although that happens to....A LOT!

He's destined for greatness with that bucket on his head.

The meeting of the minds/bucket heads.

Game #5 Pretty Pretty Princess AKA accessorizing your brother for pictures to be used at a later date


Burke and Stacey said...

1. I love the reindeer shirts. You are going to have to tutor me in applique the next time we see each other.
2. You look beautiful! Beautiful! New haircut, bangs? No matter look great!
3. The new games are HILARIOUS! So entertaining to see what kids find fun. Love it!

(I was commenting when the computer died so sorry if this post twice.)

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