Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Product That Changed My Life.....I Mean Stairs

Our house has it's own little quirks like any house. But the one I could not understand from the day we moved in was the different color wood on our stairs. We have dark mahogany cabinets in our kitchen  but this blondish looking wood for our stair rail. I remember asking the builder about it and he kind of shrugged at me as if to say "look lady we're not changing it. Do you guys want to buy the house or not." Well, ever since then I have wanted to stain the stair rail dark to match our cabinets but I was always advised I would have to sand first and then stain.Yuck!  And then I discovered Polyshades. :) It's a stainer and top coat all in one. It allows you to stain wood over your existing finish. NO sanding required. I was a tad skeptical but even though I am cautious in almost every other area in my life I am a rebel when it comes to DIY. I will try almost anything. So i went to town. No testing a inconspicuous spot first.  I went full boar head on into it and I'm so glad I did. What I got was a complete transformation. Blonde wood to a rich dark shiny mahogany finish. See for yourself.

Before: Boring Blonde

After: Rich vibrant mahogany in 2 hours


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous!! I'll have to remember this!

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