Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Standin' There Lookin' All Cute

I was so prepared for the kids Spring Show at YCW (their little school) this year. Last year my expectations were high. I expected Kate to bust out the songs just like she did at home. Singing at the top of her voice. But when she got on stage she was completely stone faced with hardly any movement. No singing. A clap or two here or there just to prove that she wasn't a statue.
This year my expectations were properly set so I wasn't surprised when my two cuties got up on stage and just stood there in the beginning. But then I was pleasantly surprised when Kate smiled and sang a little at the end and Carson busted out some galloping moves. At one point Kate looked over and spotted her Daddy and said, "There's my Daddy!" Kids shows are so awesome. Anything goes and I think people really prefer it that way. Special thanks goes to Shei Wells who is the YCW music teacher. This woman has put her heart and soul into these kids and it shows. And I will talk more in a couple of weeks about the 5 Saints that teach, care for and love my children every Monday and Thursday. Mrs. Andrea, Mrs. Nikki (Mikki), Mrs.Julie (Dulie) Mrs. Kimla and Mrs Brandi I love you all for the way you care for and love my kids. :) And now the hilarity.............

Ok the picture quality is horrible, but I was having to shoot around other proud parents. Doesn't he look tiny? That t shirt became an off the shoulder by the end of the performance.

See the little girl behind Carson? That's what I thought he was going to do. But for the first time in his life he let 3 minutes go by with out putting his hand in his mouth.

Here's the move that was busted. At this point in the show I was saying over and over (out loud mind you) "I just love him so much! I love him SO much." I'm sure people thought I was crazy, but when it comes to loving your child I've learned as a parent there is NO shame involved.

Here's Kate with what looks to be a repeat performance from last year.

Singing her heart out!!! This is the song that Mimi wrote down all of the words to and committed to memory so that she could sing it over and over with Kate before she left (she is an amazing Mimi and yes she was and is  an outstanding Mom.) Even Carson learned it. Your hard work paid off Mimi!

What's this?? An on stage smile? How could a Mommy be so lucky? And the 2 woman on the right? Saints!

Carson is saying, "Kate hold my hand!"

Seriously. I think the first normal sister brother picture they will take will involve a high school or college graduation in the back ground. I look forward to that moment. People will ask me if I'm crying from pride over their graduation. "No!" I'll blubber, "They finally took a normal picture together!!!"

And that's the show folks!!!
Kate is standing above the first little boy on the right. You can barely see her. :) Mom this one's for you. Your song. :)

Carson is the little one in the front with his shirt coming off of one shoulder. At one point he turns around to a little boy in back of him to tell him to stop jumping. :)
This is a bad video job BUT at this point I was taking video and taking pictures with my camera at the same time! One in each hand. :) Because that's what Moms do. Love it. In this one here is in the first row on the far right. At one point he turns completely around. That's our boy!


Jennifer said...

I love your commentary on the photos, and I love reading about your love for your kids. Precious.

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6