Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beautiful Flowers, Two Monkeys, and a "Moomie" Star

I have been into fresh flowers lately (meaning I've bought them twice in the last month). I especially love these kinds of flowers lately. The name escapes me....hydrangeas?? Maybe. Anyhow they're beautiful to me.

At night before they go to bed I let the kids jump on the bed. I assume this latest obsession is due to our Monkeys book. You know as is Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. We all love that book.

You won't see any action shots of this boy. Alas unlike his Daddy he doesn't get much air yet when he jumps. But he sure is cute because he doesn't so much jump as he does gallop. He makes me laugh.... a lot!

Love these action shots of Kate where her hair flies up in the air. We have taken to having a sticker party before we go to bed. Our favorite sticker location is our foreheads. We look like cool dorks and tell each other how beautiful our stickers are.  

Falling with that movie.....

Look at that air!!

Our trademark forehead sticker. Only us cool kids can be in the club.


Jumping Success!!!

Some self timed shots with me and the kiddos.

See...... Kate's in the cool forehead sticker club to. I am to... but Carso kept taking mine off. ;)

I just had to add this one at the end. My kids love watching their cousin Marin on her blog. Her Mom puts up all of these videos of Marin hitting all of her milestone (lately crawling, pulling up, and cruising). They love Marin's "moomies" movies. I guess that would make her a "Moomie" star!!! We watch them again and again and again.


Burke and Stacey said... very fun! Love it.

And you know I am going to have steal that picture of Kate and Carson for Marin's baby book. ;o)

casterline said...

Thanks for checking my blog and for noticing the matching hats! I searched for those! Your jumping pictures are too cute! I can't believe how much Carson looks like your brothers!

Jason Gabel said...

My little monkey does the same thing, he just loves to bounce on my bed. And yes, he usually does have several stickers on him somewhere, although he prefers to put them on his legs :-)

Great pics!

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