Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Whole Lotta Stuff

I remember as kid every day after my Dad came in from work he would change clothes before he came down for dinner. Kate has the same ritual except after she comes home from a hard day at school  instead of jeans and a t shirt she ops for plaid shorts and cowboy boots. Comfy clothes means different things to different people.

I tried to tell her that it was 90 degrees at 10:00 PM but this girl just knows she loves Dora.

I love gum drops. I tried to make homemade ones. Just let me say one word...Don't! Stick to the store bought ones with all of the un prounouncable (word?) ingredients. They are much better.

I recovered our kitchen chairs. They were white before. In our defense we covered them in white before we had kids. Now they are a beautiful show almost nothing brown.

I made quick and easy blankets for the kids. Just 1 1/4 of a print fabric and 1 1/4 yard of minky or other soft fabric and some store bought binding. Carso had to have a Thomas blanket. Black minky fabric on the back with red binding. I tried to start quilting it and then I remembered I have a full time job and love spending my time with my babies and not hunched over a sewing machine so a quick and easy blanket it was. He was just as happy and so was I. Jared said he cried and cried the next morning when the bad news was broken that he would not be taking it to school. I smiled when I heard that story.

Ok this is hard for me to admit. Kate loves cats. Not real live ones. Thank goodness. But she loves to pretend she is a cat. And on her favorite things worksheet at school she remarked that her favorite thing to do outside was "Play with my cats." Hmmmmmm.....Let's just say this is the closest  Kate will get to having a cat wrapped around her. :)

Kitty Kat Kate Blanket

I'm really glad I went with pink minky dot instead of brown (she flipped over the pink!) and I love the torquoise binding.

Satisfied. And comfy cozy. This is the catch phrase at our house.

That's Kate's highest comfy cozy compliment. Thumb in mouth.

I had to catch this little popsicle toast they created one night.

Carson is in training for sugar cookie making for the holiday season.


Burke and Stacey said...

We love all the pictures!!! Thank you for the updates!
Comfy cozy blankets are adorable! You are inspiring me to get crafty. And Burke and I both loved the popsicle toast!

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