Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heart 2 Heart Shirts

So it's no secret that I love making stuff for my kids. Sometimes they love it and sometimes they look at me like I'm crazy. Nevertheless I press on. I think it's safe to say that these Valentine's shirts were a hit. Kate's was easy enough because there are beaucoup ideas on all blogs for girls. I made her a heart doily shirt. Basically just plopped a doily on a pink shirt and painted over it with acrylic paint. Peeled the doily off and voila! Instant Valentines!

Ideas for Carson's shirt were not so easy but I totally hit the jack pot when my very crafty sister in law sent me this link for this CAR LOVE SHIRT . The minute Carson saw it he was going bananas! Asking me if it was done every 2 seconds. I was trying to cut out the little stencils and he was jumping all over me. Here it is when the stencil is ironed on.

And the finished product. Carson wore this shirt TWO days in a row. When he wanted to wear it a 3rd day in a row we had a little disagreement. We compromised with a belly baring 2 sizes too small Buzz light year pajama shirt. But at least he wasn't wearing a dirty shirt 3 days in a row right? The only reason why I got a picture of it was because I promised to wash it today so he could wear it tomorrow. Oh dear!

I just brushed over the stencil with red acrylic paint. So fun to make and even better to see him wear the heck out of this shirt. the boy loves cars, trucks, buses etc:)


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