Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kate's Road to College

Kate is in Pre-K this year or as she likes to call it "Free- K" I was incredibly surprised when I learned that she had "homework". Homework at 4??!?! What?!?! The teacher gives it out on Monday and it has to be returned by Friday. I wish I could say that we work on it a little each night but in truth we whip it out on Thursday and she finishes it in 10 minutes. :) I am planting my procrastination seed in her already. Bad mom! Although I do have to say the nerdy school loving side of me likes to sit there with her and look over her shoulder. I love smoothing back her hair behind her ear when it falls in her face (Do you think she will still be ok with this when she is 13?) . And I love how she looks to me for approval when she knows that she did it right. And brother loves to be a big part of it and asks for paper to draw on while Kate works. I love how he sits over there "C-A-R-S-O-N" as he pretends to write the letters of his name. But pretty soon it won't be pretend. Oh I pray that they love school, and love to read, and have a love for learning.

Yes, that is a Sharpie marker. She will use nothing else for some reason. Not the first and certainly not the last time one of her teachers will think "What was Kate's Mom thinking!??!?!"

See that look? I wish I could bottle some of that up. Proud of herself with out an ounce of self conciousness.

He told me this was his "happy face."

Just wanted to take a picture of the way Kate writes her name at Age 4.

Kate was all for a brother sister shot but of course Carson balked.


Burke and Stacey said...

I love that you took a picture of Kate's name writing. What a great idea! Carson's happy face is adorable!

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