Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Home Bodies

Every morning with out fail my kids wake up and ask me one question. It's the same question every morning. "Mom, are we staying in the house today???"(Actually Carson's first question usually is "Where's Kate?":) Five days out of the week I have to say, "No you're going to school." Which gets many groans because my kids love staying at the house. They would rather be at the house than going 90 to nothing  every where during the week end. I could plan these great things for us to do and we do those sometimes but really they love just playing. I love hearing them play at this age. Making up stories everytime, their imaginations running at full speed. Right now I am listening to their conversation in the bath. It's a bout a spaceship, a mountain, and some special language they made up for their robots.  That's my idea of entertainment. Here are some scenes of my homebodies enjoying their natural habitats.

Kate enjoying a lazy breakfast with no particular place to go. 

Carson enjoying a show with out me saying, "ok guys 5 minutes and we're out the door!"

Kate with her own form of tattoos. Ah, life's little pleasures.

Love the mask. Always askew, always cute.

Supergirl. Pretty convincing with her Minnie Mouse jammers showing:) Halloween costumes are the  gift that keeps on giving all year. 

Man, there is something I love about this picture. It just cracks me up.

A rousing game of Zingo. And I love when I hear them repeat my game theme, "Sometime you win, sometimes you lose!" No sore losers around here. And when we're playing together I don't hold back and when I win...I win! Sometimes I am very loud about it. They think it is so funny.

I ran across this on Saturday. Kate is writing her last name! It seems like she is learning something new every day. Can't wait for Kindergarten. :)

They love CandyLand and it always turn into a huge mess of cards when they play. They really  keep each other accountable. It is really cute to listen in. "No Cars you only get one orange!" then "Oh I sorry Kate."


Burke and Stacey said...

1. I love the first picture of Kate at the table. Beautiful.
2. The stickers all down her leg in a perfect, straight line is pretty cute!
3. I love Carson's nose peeking out of the mask's eye hole. :o)

Carolyn said...

Love love love all these pics....but I gotta say, your little descriptions below crack me up. They are so YOU. I laughed lots on the zoo trip captions. You are one crazy momma.

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