Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Photo A Day 5 Environment

To be honest  I am at war with my environment right now. Namely birds and hornets. It started with a bird family that built their nest for their baby birds in my dryer vent. I'm all for families living together and maybe I could even deal with the noise of the incessant chirping and scratching. But when the smell started seeping into my house through the vent that's when I called someone in to evict that nice little family. And then tonight I took down 2 hornets nests and 1 fledgling bird nest off of my back porch. I wish I knew how to keep them from  coming back to build their homes. I didn't fix up my back porch so that I could be dive bombed by birds and hornets all summer.***End of Nature Rant*** I feel kind of bad because people are always having rants over how to protect the environment and here I am knocking down nature.  On the bright side,  the 2 hornets nests provided a pretty cool picture for today.


Joni McDoniel said...

I read somewhere that in the Deep South, people paint the ceilings of their porches sky blue to keep hornets from nesting there. Not sure if it really works. I have been tempted to try it myself! Your kids are getting so big and are just precious!

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