Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ho Ho

My kids call Santa "HO HO." Jared and I thought it would be so fun to buy one of those inflatable Santas to put in our yard. However these inflatable Ho Hos are no match for the Texas wind so Jared brought Ho Ho inside. Now let me tell you, if you've never had a 8 foot Santa in your family room then you are missing out. It's a constant source of entertainment. Our kids talk to him all of the time. Kate tells him "good morning" and asks him questions like, "Are you hungry Ho Ho?" She is always asking us to high five him.  Apparently Ho Ho was thirsty because the kids asked Jared to do this the other day. Every night when we get home the kids ask for Ho Ho and I plug him in and he inflates. Kind of like a new holiday tradition.

Carson is still not too sure about having Ho Ho in our house but he is warming up to him.


Jennifer said...

Okay, first of all, HOLY MOLY!! I can't keep up with all your blog posts! You're a beast! Second, Bennett would be green with envy that "Ho Ho" gets to be INSIDE your house! He's obsessed with "snow globes" of all shapes and sizes. So glad all four of you are enjoying the holiday season TOGETHER! :)

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