Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Boy on his Big Day

He loves to make us laugh. I don't think he knows that this is funny yet and maybe he's just bored by his shoes but lately he loves putting Kate's shoes on. Here is showing off her boots.

And of course for his BirthDay Kate's black dress shoes really seem to fit the bill.
Shhhhhh! Don't tell Daddy!

I love how Kate is looking at him as if to say, "Well now look at you, you big 2 year old!"

Lovin' the boots!

I remember telling a friend once that I would never throw a character themed birthday party for my kids. I said it with a lot of smugness. But I think I underestimated how much my kids would love Toy Story and all of the characters that go with it. When I brought these cupcakes out with these little Toy Story cut outs Carson started squealing with happiness. I mean he was doing his little happy dance and was over the moon! Once again another thing that I said I would NEVER do bites the dust!

Carson rocks his bowl haircut. Jared and I have both given him a trim at different times during the year and it always ends up in a bowl cut. Carson just really pulls it off and it gives him that certain mischevious cuteness that comes with being a boy. I think the bowl haircut will stick around for awhile.

You know that phrase, "I could just eat him up!"? This picture definitely applies. :)

He had just been 2 for an hour. For his first act of 2 year old defiance he pulled all of the books off of the shelves. He was so proud.

He's such a reader!! Here he is reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Kate and Nena. "Brow burr brow burr wha you see?"

Carson never fails to appreciate the little things. Here he is appreciating his shadow.

Yesterday he was so smiley! It was all about him and he knew it.

When we started singing "Happy Birthday" to him we started to get this face.

And this face. We couldn't figure it out until we realized I had replaced the Woody cut out with a candle. When Woody was replaced, we got...........
This face! Problem solved. Let the singing begin!

I didn't get the picture, but he really did blow out his candle all by himself!

He was such a cuddle bug yesterday. I think I kissed him 1000 times. I would just scoop him up and hug him and kiss and he let me!

I love his goofiness.

Bye Bye!

So long Pardner! Happy Trails!


Burke and Stacey said...

I love so many of these pictures!!

My favorites:
1. the "eat him up" picture with him in the chair! Adorable!
2. The bookshelf picture...I love the look on his face as he surveys the damage he has done.
3. The candle sequence of pictures made me laugh so hard!

Looooovvvvee it!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures and captions. I can't believe our boys are moving into toddlerhood. It's gone by so fast! Happy 2nd Birthday, Carson!

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