Saturday, January 22, 2011

True Poopy Story

Yesterday we started potty training Kate....AGAIN.   And our wonderful trainee again defied the potty training rules. Peeing 3 times in 20 minutes (How can you keep up with that?) At one point she was having a conversation with me as pee was running down her leg. I asked her, "Can't you feel that??!?!?" She really doesn't seem to care. There was one break through as she did pee sucessfully in the potty. During this period of success she was overheard asking her Daddy, "Can you hear that? Can you hear that?" And the big topper was last night when she actually pooped in the potty. It would have been a complete success if she hadn't stood up mid poop and then sat back down on the seat. Draw your own conclusions on that one. The poor potty seat will never be and for that matter smell  the same.  Let's just say I longed for the days when ALL  the wipes  fit neatly in a wrapped up diaper. So today we declared a potty training break. Yes I KNOW we are doing it all wrong. Yes I KNOW we set her back and we are lazy. She will "get it" one day. She won't be in diapers forever. We think that Carson is secretly training himself admidst the chaos of Kate potty training. I am still declaring 2011 the year of NO Diapers! And we have 11 months to make it happen. No rush here!


Carolyn said...

Like someone said to me long as they are not wearing diapers when they graduate from college you have nothing to worry about!

You have a bit of time until that...not much (ha!) but a little!!

Burke and Stacey said...

I LOVE it! Tell her cousin Marin said she was so proud of her potty "attempts" and that someday she will get to show Marin how to use the potty.
(My potty training tactic...let the experienced older cousin teach her. :o)

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