Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beautiful Cousins

My wonderful amazing fantastic (can you tell how much I love her) sister in law Stacey came to help me with Carson's Pirate party last week end and she brought my 2 favorite neices in the whole wide world, Marin and Hollis. Marin just turned 2 in December and Hollis will turn 1 next week. They share the same fun circumstance as Kate &Carson of being close in age. It was so fun to see my kids with the girls. They all had such a good time. My favorite part was when Marin would call out "Carsie!!!! Where are you?????"

My heart melts with this one:)

Marin has the cutest little mannerisms. When you ask her something and she should say yes she says, "Thank you!" but it's the cutest little thank you you've ever heard. I admit I would invent questions for her so I could hear that little "Thank you!"

My favorite face of Marin's. Just cracks me up. Oh how I wish these girls lived closer. I would definitely be doing a lot of neice sitting.:)
Carson started this trend and of course Kate had to follow.
And I love how Marin is right in the middle of it all looking so tiny!

Isn't Hollis beautiful? Look at those eyes! She is walking everywhere and so curious about everything, especially our stairs. :) We would put Carson in charge of not letting her go up the stairs but he would get distracted and there she would go! She was fast to!



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