Friday, February 15, 2013

Party Prep

Kate loves to clean. Well as long as she has a Lysol Wipe in her hand she loves to clean. Last night she got all dressed up and gave my cabinets a good cleaning.

My big girl got a big girl bike. I can't believe it. You should see the helmets they both picked out. Hilarious.

I am finding that no one loves a party more than my boy. He took it upon himself to help me stuff the envelopes for Kate's Birthday invites and............

Lick the envelopes! I thought this was the cutest thing. He was so into it.

Then Kate said she wanted to write her name on every single one. Between writing them on the front and back she wrote her name over 80 times tonight:)

I got a bag of Pony beads for Kate's party and wanted to try it out to see how easily  they could make a bracelet. We used a pipe cleaner to thread them on which ended up working really well. The kids loved it:)

Carson was especially serious about his jewelry making. He traded off between threading the beads and racing his 2 monster trucks.

He finally made this necklace which he was super proud of.

Kate doing a little more invite decorating. Let's just say the recipient will have no question as to whose party it is:)


Burke and Stacey said...

I want to see the helmets!

And I love that she wrote her name on all the invitations. So cute!

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