Monday, April 1, 2013

Carson's 1st Tee Ball Game AKA Picture Overload

Sheesh! You would think that by looking at these pictures that I think Carson is the only kid in the world to ever play a tee ball game. I took so many pictures at this game even I was shocked. But it really was such a special moment for all of us. He just had such a good time and really that's all his Dad and I want out of these experiences for him. Lots of smiles and self confidence storing up in that little mind. Not that he was lacking in this department. His Dad and I both make it kind of apparent that we think Kate and Carson are the best people ever created. :) If I'm not mistaken I think his Dad looked over at me during the game and mouthed the words, "Natural." while pointing to our boy. I couldn't agree more:)

Daddy is assistant coach and that makes it really special for our boy:)

Kate was cold. And stayed cold through the game. Many pleas of "Can we go home?" "Is it over yet?" Not exactly her finest hour of brother support.

With bat and glove and the best grin ever.

See what I mean about the smiles? Just so happy to be there. Love the jersey down past his knees. :)

The only hiccup in the game was when he slid (deliberately mind you!) to catch a ground ball. He was not anticipating the wetness of the field and his pants getting wet. Daddy's trying to air him out here but we ultimately had to get some t-shirts from Daddy's car to dry him off.  

The grin:)

Some action shots

Rounding 3rd base with cousin Caden as the 3rd base coach.

Had to get this picture as this is  what I remember from my days of playing sports. I remember "playing" defense on my little soccer league and sitting down and picking at the grass with my fellow defense girl. Defense. Isn't that where they put all of the good players??? Come to think of it I don't really remember playing offense.  

End of the game high fives

Getting a "good job" hug from cousin Toby.

Getting a big group hug from coach Andy

The last player in the batting line up gets to hit a grand slam. Here's Carso touching home plate after his big grand slam:)


Carolyn said...

So so so adorable. He looks so happy! Welcome to the world of never thinking there is anything as fun as watching your own kid play sports again! He looked like a natural. Oh, and he looked like Pierce again in many of the shots :)

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