Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

What a great Easter week end. We got to spend it with my brother Burke's family. We dyed some eggs, went to church,  ate A LOT:), had an egg hunt, and spent sometime outside at the park. The cousins all played so well together and enjoyed each other so much. Marin could be heard calling out her familiar, "Carsie!!! Where are you????" which made Carson feel really special.:) I love my little nieces. I am so happy that we have got to spend so much time with them lately:) And now the picture avalanche.

We had a little Hollis fashion show. She is SO beautiful!

You gotta love Texas. They called for rain all week end but it never showed up. Instead, we got sunny skies and warm temps. My kids were in their swim suits Saturday.

Carso very intent on dying some eggs. He was especially excited when he realized he could write a message on the eggs. His choice? "Poo Poo pants" which is his favorite phrase right now.

The Easter Bunny brought Rescue Bots for their baskets.

Marin manning the egg dying. She got the hang of it really fast.

Easter Sunday pictures. Get ready:) 

 Hollis still hasn't received the Big Girl memo stating " you must never look at the camera again. Especially when you are in pretty dresses." As a result she was the star of the show!

Me and my wiggle worms.

Sharing a secret:)

Love this picture. Marin with all of her spoils:)

Kate opening up a confetti egg:) Everytime she opened one up  she would say, "Pinata!"


Carolyn said...

Very cute. Sweet little girlies all together.

I gotta say - what cracked me up in these pictures is that apparently no one caught on that you were trying to capture the front step Easter picture (hence Stacey brushing Marin's hair in the background, Burke's leg, etc.. etc..) So so funny to me :) Love it!

Looked like a fun time. So sorry we missed it :( Missing family these days.

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