Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kate's First Ballet Recital

Today we drove out to historic Waxahachie for Kate's 1st (and last?) ballet recital. She was so excited to be there and to dress up in her ballet gear. She had a little bit of a deer in the headlights expression when she got on stage.    At one point I thought she was going to be sick! But then when she was finally done and walked off stage she was all smiles and bounces again.  The theater was very beautiful and the perfect size for this little recital. Carson and I got a front row seat. My favorite parts of the video: Carso shouting at the beginning: "Are they gonna dance?" and then in Rocking Robin when Kate starts kicking those legs and just can't stop:) Please ignore my incessant "Yeahs!" and obnoxious cheering. I was just so proud!

001 from Betsy Gowens on Vimeo.

"The Twirl." I love Carso just hanging out in the back ground:)

Kate and her teacher Miss Amanda. This lady is awesome and has the patience of a saint:)

Carson got a back stage pass. Much to his delight:)

Carson was taking pictures of this baby with my phone before it all started. He was so serious about it!


Burke and Stacey said...

So even when we got to Gary and Robin's, Marin was still talking about Dancing Kate. :o)

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