Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Going Back to Work: 4 Things I Will Miss and 4 Positives

About a week ago I accepted a position at a company. In other words after a long wait (SIX months!) I GOT A JOB!!! I was so happy. But this week especially I have started to look back on these last 6 months and realize what a blessing they were. I was there for all of the breaks, thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring break. I was basically there for all of Kate's first year at school. This was such an awesome experience to be able to go to all of her parties, school assemblies and especially to have lunch with her every Friday. So here's a list of what I will miss and the positives of going back to work:
1. Having no schedule. I know that some Moms keep their schedule jam packed but in our cirsumstance we didn't. Our typical day went something like this:
Wake up Kate and Carson
Get Kate off to school
Relax with Carso at home
MAYBE go somewhere, but most times we just stayed home
Mondays were library days after we picked Kate up from school
Come home after school pick up and just enjoy being with each other
Go to bed
Easy Breezy. I could live that life forever

2. School pick up. Because of the short distance of my work to home(amazing blessing) I still get to drop Kate and Carso  off at school but the pick up for Kate will be done by our daycare bus. Picking up Kate at school is one of the, if not the best parts of my day. I love the seconds before she sees me and Zachary (our SUV. Yes we named our car.) She is looking for me and then that second she spots me  is just priceless. I really think that it's only something that I can enjoy. Oh how I will miss it.

3. Going places with just Carso. Carso and I have so many great days just us together. He is a hilarious and compassionate kid. Although I already knew that , I just really got to enjoy it more over the past 6 months. I knew I was already in love with my kids but these past 6 months have just embedded that feeling deeply in my heart.

4. More Sleep! I can fairly say this now because I have been a stay at home Mom, worked from home and worked away from home. You just get more sleep when you stay at home. It's just a fact. Next week I am going to alter my schedule in the morning so I can get in my work outs so as not to take away precious time at night. So for 3 days out of the week I will be getting up around 5ish so that I can get us all started off on the right foot.

And now for some Positives:

1. Carso will be going to Kindergarten in August (don't get me started on that one.) He needs some structured environment to be in before he hits the big K so going back to his school is definitely a positive for him. In truth he has been asking me when he will go back. We went back to his school last Monday to secure his spot and when we went to his class room all of the kids rushed him shouting "Carson!" He was remembered and he felt all special,  pulling the Barney Fife shy guy routine. It was hilarious but comforting for us both I think.

2. Kate gets to ride a BUS! Now I expect this little joy to wear off pretty quickly but for now she is SO excited! Ever since I was laid off I told her that when I get a job she will be riding the daycare bus after school. Maybe she thinks it's cool? Or maybe she just likes the difference of it but she is psyched!

3. My house and life will be more organized. It's a truth with me. When I work (especially away from home) my house is cleaner and my life has a structured schedule for the simple reason that it HAS to. I cannot rely on the fact that I will have time to do things tomorrow (as I tell myself when I stay home) because there are no guarantees. So I do the things that need to get done (laundry, dishes, cleaning) when I have the time.

4. The JOB! The job that I chose is very new to me and will be very challenging. A challenge that in my newbie perspective I am very much looking forward to. I know that a couple weeks in  I will be saying "Why did I do this?!!?!" because that's just my nature but I will also enjoy all of the other things that go along with a full time job. Like a steady pay check, excellent health insurance, and that indescribable  feeling of productivity.


God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6