Monday, March 14, 2011

Light and Love

When we were in Austin the kids and I went with my brothers to a beautiful little park to take some pictures. I loved the light. There were peacocks there and beautiful tulips already blooming. Friendly warning: LOTS of pictures ahead. 

I love this one. Burke is trying to get a smile from Carson.
My brother Burke
My brother Brig trying to get a shot of Carson
I think that Burke will kill me for putting this one on. I just couldn't resist. At least Burke posed!
There is just something about seeing your siblings love your kids.
An Uncle Burke and Kate moment
My beautiful sister in law Kelly


Burke and Stacey said...

Oh my goodness!! Those pictures are so GREAT!!! There were so many of the two of them that are absolutely precious. I may get you to email me some so I can get them printed out and framed for our family pic cabinet...if you don't mind??? And of course I love all the ones with Burke in them. Wanna talk about how great he is???

Carolyn said...

Great great great pics. I love the park - beautiful. And again, I see Pierce all over Mr. carson.

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