Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mad Hops and Piggy Back!

Have you ever noticed that Daddies have all of these games that they make up on their own? If you really think about it Daddies are the most cretaive people on this planet. At anytime of the day Jared can change into a Bear, a monster, a monster truck, a horsey, a doggie, and here's the latest. A jumping frog? Jumping Man? I'm not sure what he calls this one, but he has the game where the kids run up to him and he leaps over them. It's quite entertaining. :)


and bounds! I love Kate's laughter in this one.

Look at that curled little tongue!He always looks like he is drumming up some trouble.  We love this boy!

I pointed out to Jared that he was pointing his toe like a ballerina. He really appreciated that insight.

Can you see why this is so much fun!?!?!

Mad hops!!

No leaping, but she squeals and laughs all the same.

I thought this one was funny. I love Carson's impossibly large shoes. He insists on wearing them.


Carolyn said...

I laughed SO hard, SOOOO hard at these pictures. What in the world? You thought you married a prince but he IS part frog. Holy cow can he jump!!! Hilarious.

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