Sunday, April 17, 2011


The week ends are my time for creativity. I love to be creative. I am sure that I should be mopping the floors or cleaning my house from top to bottom but at this moment I really need this outlet so I just go for it! This week end I experimented with different egg decorating techniques. I poked a hole in both ends of a raw egg with a pin  and blew out the contents so that the eggs would last longer. I hadn't done that since I was in grade school, but it worked well and was easy to do.

I made this one for my girl. I used some ribbon from my sewing stash and a "k" sticker I had left over from a birthday party idea.

And one for my boy. I used green craft paint and painted it with a flat ended paintbrush. I thought it looked like grass. I also had these stickers left over from a birthday party idea.

A good use of my fabric stash. this fabric covered egg was really easy to make. I glued cut out strips of fabric with regular school glue.

I created the polka dots with an eraser end of pencil dipped in craft paint. They would have made perfect polka dots if  I didn't have such shaky hands.

I love this color of blue. I mixed some blue food coloring to white craft paint to get just the right blue.

This one is my paper mache egg. It would have been really cute if I would had a springy looking napkin, but all I had left were these napkins from the Elmo birthday! I just mixed Elmers glue and a little water for the glue.


Burke and Stacey said...

So cute! You should post this on Skip to My Lou's "Made it Monday" thing. (I think that's what it is called.) I've always wanted to make something for that blog thing....someday! But those are really cute!

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