Friday, June 8, 2012

Personalized Gallery Wall for my Entry Way

So my Photo A Day Challenge was "Six O'Clock". I missed both Six O'Clocks. One I was sleeping and one I was driving. I suppose I could have taken a picture of the traffic. Kind of a "This is my life" type thing, but there was really not much traffic so it would have been truly boring.Instead tonight I thought I would share how I personalized my entry way in about 15 minutes tonight. I love this project.I got the idea from Cleverly Inspired. I love that blog. It always inspires me to really branch out because she makes it look so easy. A lot of the stuff she does on her blog is challenging but this definitely was not.:) I ordered some 11x14 prints off of Snapfish and received them today. I bought some 11x14 canvas packs at Hobby Lobby last week end. They were $6 for a 2 pack. What would I do with out Hobby Lobby??? Last I grabbed my Elmers Spray Adhesive. This stuff has so many uses. I use it to put my quilts together so I don't have to worry about all of the pins.

I simply sprayed the canvas and picture with the adhesive, applied the picture to the canvas, smoothed it out and that was it.

And when I was done I got this  beauty.

And after 10 more minutes I got all of these:) Pretty cool and easy right?

Warning.......Making these will make your kids feel really special

Who wouldn't like to see a picture of themselves blown up?? Sweet boy!

A few nails and a leveler later I had a awesome personalized gallery for my entry way wall. And the great thing is, I can just change the pictures out when we get new pictures. So fun and simple!


Jennifer said...

Love. Your babies are beautiful.

Burke and Stacey said...

I love it! Those look GREAT. And I love the pictures you chose.

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