Saturday, November 2, 2013

First Flag Football Game

So here is the anatomy of a flag football play when you're 4 and 5. One person snaps the ball. There is a "quarterback" that gets the snap, then he/she looks for someone to "handoff" to, whichever kid is paying attention at the time and actually holds his hands out is the one who gets the ball. The "receiver" then runs down the field (sometimes in the opposite direction) while the rest of his/her team stands still and watches him. Hilarious.

He was excited and cold in that order.

She was cold and cold in that order.

Kate playing quarterback

She gingerly hands it off to the kid who has his hands out

Watching the receiver run down the field.

Staying warm by jumping up and down with a friend

Carso returning a flag :)

SO ready

Sweetest boy alive

Action shot. Really reaching for that flag!

Putting his flag back on. He had it taken off by his ...ahem! OWN teammate

Running Carso Style

Carson in the black hat in hot pursuit. Where is Kate you ask? Standing on the sidelines with Mom declaring that she was done and ready for snacks:) One kid was cuddled up with his Mom for the majority of the game. That's just how things roll with the 4 and 5 football league. :)


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