Thursday, March 27, 2008

6 Weeks Old and Kate's First Easter

All dressed up in my Easter dress!
Love those big beautiful blue eyes!

Cousin Toby palming Kate's head. He tries so hard to be gentle!

This was the best of the bunch!

Caden did such a good job of holding Kate

Her first Easter egg

Nana and Pops

Nana and Pops with all of their grandchildren

Good to meet you Reece!

Giving the adoring gaze to Uncle Benj

Auntie Care was so happy to finally meet and hold Kate

Chase was so gentle with Kate. Everytime she would cry he would pat her face and say , "It's ok baby Kate."

Just one year older, cousin Piersen.

Here's looking at you Reecer!

Kate before church in her Easter dress.

Coloring easter eggs with the boys and Mimi

Kate loved meeting her cousins from Mexico

Surrounded by protection. Won't Kate be a lucky girl to have these boys looking out for her?

This was a really big week for Kate. It was her first Easter and she finally got to meet her 3 cousins from Mexico City. On Saturday we spent the evening with Jared's family to celebrate Easter. I have a wonderful Mother in Law who didn't mind moving her Easter dinner to Saturday night so that we could spend Sunday with my family. Thanks Eletia! We had a great time with Jared's family and Kate got some good quality holding time. She also received some goodies from the Easter bunny! I was also glad that we finally got some pictures with Kate's cousins, Caden and Toby.
On Saturday my brother, Benjy and his wife Carolyn and their 3 boys Reece, Chase and Piersen arrived at our house. It was great to see all 3 boys interact with Kate. Normal rough and tumble boys turned very gentle when they were around her. It was a very sweet thing to watch. I was so glad my sister in law finally got to hold Kate. Kate was an angel when they were here, however right now she is not being an angel and I am having to type this one handed while she is working herself into quite the little dither, so I will close for now. Enjoy the pictures everyone!


hope said...

What great family pics!! I'm glad you guys had a Happy Easter and that Kate got to meet her aunt, uncle and cousins. Those boys will definitely look out for her. I love that she's the only granddaughter on both sides. Love you & miss you!

GriffinSisters said...

Thanks so much for posting all the wonderful pics of a wonderful Easter with both your families.Kate is such a beautiful baby and is so loved by everyone. I sure am looking forward to getting to hold her and love on her as well. Love you Kate!!!!

Carolyn said...

So, are you saying she was being an angel when we were around and was just putting on a show for us?!? Love the pics - we are missing you already!

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