Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning

Here are some highlights from our Christmas morning. I knew that my kids really didn't understand the whole Santa thing when they were content to lay in their beds until 9 and then wanted to play upstairs for awhile before they went downstairs. Talk about anti climatic! But boy did they have fun when they finally got downstairs:) 
The first look

I bought them trikes because they fight over this one Barbie trike that Kate got on 2 years ago. But guess which one Carson wants to ride? I'll give you a hint, its not the Thomas trike.

It's the Dora trike. :)

Kate's little friend. She named her after her cousin Marin:)

What could bring such a smile? The Cars movie of course!

Tearing into the gifts.

Her fairy costume. I bought a little trunk of dress up clothes to build that imagination.

he's a natural!

I bought an activity box full of crayons, markers, water colors, and clay.

This is part of his Cars race track. This is an amazing toy which has since produced countless hours of fun. Both kids love it! Good job Santa!

My Mom gave the kids this play kitchen. It's a big hit! Carso made us a 4 course meal the other day. Very cute!

Surrounded by Toys

I thought this would be the coolest gift. He loves Spiderman. But dressing up like Spiderman? I guess not so much:)

But someone else loved it! She is shooting her spiderweb at me. Yep that's a cherry sucker around her mouth.

Thomas legos with Daddy:)

Every time I pick up the kids they are playing with these Magna Tiles. A little pricey but well worth it.


Burke and Stacey said...

Loved all the posts!! Can NOT wait to see the pictures from the photographer. Cute, cute kids!!!

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