Sunday, January 29, 2012

Party Boy

The Monter Twuck cake. Carson talked about it for weeks!

He watched me make the entire thing.

So much fun to make.

This is his version of a smile right now. Don't ask me!

How many monster trucks can one little boy carry? The answer is 5

A cousin hug!

Nena bought Kate this little cow creation.

The birthday boy almost packed it in when he thought that people were trying to take his monster trucks. We;ve got a ways to go in the sharing lesson.

Hot Wheels! What a surprise!

We were singing Happy Birthday to him. No really he's happy. Everyone was laughing so hard at him. Cause they know him:)

See? He's happy!

No really.

Sister trying to help where help is not needed.

Do I even need a caption here? Carson is saying "It not your cake Kate. It Carson's monster truck cake! !"

Are you seeing this? 2 years later I finally get my "smash cake" picture.:)

I love this boy!

Flash forward 5 hours later. I am laser focused on this post. Getting all the pictures together. I am aware that Carson has gone downstairs to get some more monster trucks. I am also aware that he has come up and started talking to me. I am answering his questions, carrying on a conversation with him about the day. All the while I have my head down focused on this post. And when I look up, this is what I see............................................... Apparently he had not had his fill of Birthday cake!


Burke and Stacey said...

Loved every single post!! The cake was awesome and so was the 3 shirt! So talented. Kate and Carson look so big....especially sitting in a Bumbo and criss cross! :o)

Carolyn said...

Very very cute cake. ALL BOY! WHOOOO HOOOO :) Carson is growing up. Good job little man. May this year be magical, mysterious and very very fun for you as you grow and learn and live the adventurous life that little boys do. Not too much trouble, ok?!!? :)

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