Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It has been 3 years since we had a dog. 3 years since we said good bye to my beloved Macy. It was time to love another dog again. :) We have owned Macy a lab chow and Hope, a pit bull,so this time we decided to go to the complete other side of the spectrum. Meet Olivia! She is a tea cup Yorkie. She will never be more than 4 lbs. She sheds very little, is portable and as far we can tell VERY low key. The only thing she has done since we've had her is SLEEP. The kids are over the moon! Here are some pics of our newest family member. By the way, we named her Olivia but its not for lack of trying to get name ideas from the kids. Carson suggested Black and White and Presents. So we turned to Kate who suggested Mary. Which is fine but I didn't want my Mom to take offense. So I came up with Olivia. Although Kate keeps saying "Hey where's Mary?"


Jennifer said...

She's adorable!! Where did you get her from?

dya said...

sweet . . :)

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