Sunday, June 3, 2012

DIY Bathroom Back Splash

There are some DIY projects that really intimidate me so I steer clear of them. I want to do the ones that I know will take minimal time and will be very forgiving if I mess up (which is inevitable). But lately I've been branching out into things that I'm not really sure that I can do. I wondered how big of a deal they really were. Could I really do it? The answer turns out to be Yes! I took the money that I made from my Craigslist sale and ventured into unknown territory.

 Here is the first of some DIY projects that I have done that really aren't that big of a deal. Anyone can do them. I really believe that. First up...installing a glass tile back splash. Home Depot has the 1'X1' glass tile sheets for $5.00!!! I don't think they are a special sale since they always have them at that price everytime I go in there. My backsplash in my bathroom measures 7 feet so I bought 4 of the glass stile sheets and cut them in half to get 8 separate pieces. $20 for a tile back splash...not bad!!! I used THIS TUTORIAL from the DIYnetwork to install it (although happily I didn't need a tile saw. Because the glass tile I used is on a mesh sheet, I just cut it with scissors. :) I used THIS TUTORIAL from the DIY network to grout the tile. I forgot to take pics of the application process. It was pretty easy though. Apply the adhesive, use the notched trowel to make the grooves and apply.

I mixed the grout together with water. This was a trial and error. I needed the consistency of peanut butter.

After the grout was applied. It looks like a mess. After the grout is applied you can wipe it all off with a damp sponge.

All clean. After about 72 hours I sealed the grout with a Grout Sealer (of course! What else would you seal grout with?)

The finished back splash

A close up
The whole view.


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