Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Ambitious Day

There was a time when I was afraid to go anywhere by myself with these two. Fearing a major melt down, potty accidents, and uncontrollable chaos. And then I decided I had to get over it and just roll with it. And you know what I got? Major melt downs, potty accidents AND uncontrollable chaos. But such is life with a 3 and 4 year old.
However, today I bit off a little more than I could chew and pushed my luck with these two but everyone came home in one piece and relatively happy (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the Krispy Kreme donut holes we all shared on our way home:) Today we went to the library, got my car's oil change (I had to clarify with Kate that this involved the car only when she exclaimed, "But Mom, I don't need my oil changed!"), went to the post office, went to get my eye brows waxed (Carso sat on my lap fascinated. "Mommy! WHAT are you doing??"), and then on to get groceries.

Carson woke up at 7:30 wanting to chase this little ball everywhere. 7:30 is early for us. Kate slept in til 9:30:) A girl after my own heart.

I heard Carso rustling around in his room and when he came out he had put on his black shoes. Great get up don't you think? Striped shirt, red thomas unders, and black slip on shoes.

He wanted me to take an action shot of him running. Do you see the ball in the air?

"Oh no Mommy! I lost Julian's shoe!!" Aaaaarghhh! "Son, for the 50th time those are NOT Julian's shoes!" Well at least now he wears them.

Putting Julian's shoe back on.

And just like that play time was over. A look I know all too well.

This was Kate's chosen look for today. Yes, it's 100 billion degrees outside. BUT Saturdays are dress yourself days and we were going to be in A/C the entire day.

The kids loved the library. There was a great librarian there. She was like having our own card catalogue.I would ask "Do you have books about Pirate ships?" and she would go right to the shelf. It was great!

I really hope that my kids will have a love for books like I do.

Carson found a book about Dinosaurs and trucks. What could be better?

When we got home, instead of leaving the books in a pile I displayed them on our shelves so the kids would  be able to actually see them:) (And we wouldn't lose them!)


Carolyn said...

Grrr. Just left a long comment and it didn't stick. Something about how much we love the library! We take a big black crate and load it to the top with books every time we go. It takes the librarian a few long minutes to get us all checked out :) Then, we have a "rule" that all of the library books go back in the library box so they don't get mixed up with our books and school books. That explains why I am looking high and low for "Kings and castles" to avoid a late fee :)

Love your display idea!

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