Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bird Houses Take 10

I still have left over bird houses from Kate's birthday party and I'm so glad I do. There were exactly 3 left yesterday and we had a painting party. She was just so happy that we were sitting there painting together. And instead of using this little craft as a way for me to get those all important week end things done I sat down with my girl and painted. and we talked. And talked. And in her 4 year old optimism she said over and over, " Mommy? This is the best day ever." And I love that because to her at that moment it really was.:)

And then Carson joined us and it was even better. And they shared their paint and Carson true to his artistic past could not keep the colors separate for long.

Carson's paint plate when he was done.

Sometimes the paint plates are just as cool as the houses themselves.

This is my little morning masterpiece.

Kate's creation. Made all the more interesting and texturized when she accidentally dropped it in the grass.

This is Carson's house. I couldn't have done that if I tried and secretly I did try:) but it didn't turn out as cool as his did.

The trio.


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