Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I once heard Paul Mc Cartney say something to the effect of that what he really wishes for his kids is that they grow up to be kind people. This has stuck with me. I am always trying to encourage my kids to "use kind words" "be kind to each other and their friends" Kindness of other people usually brings me to tears for some reason. On my cynical days I say that kindness is in short supply in this world. But when you really think about it there is kindness and kind people all around us. So I have really made it my goal to foster kindness in my kids. Because let's face it, you have no control over how other people act but you do have control over these little ones, for awhile at least.:) And sometimes I wonder if ANYTHING i say or do is sinking into their little minds. But lately God has given me some proof that some of the things I say  are coming in loud and clear. He's so good to me in that way because I can get so easily discouraged these days, especially in the parenting department.

My Mom has been keeping close track of Carson's potty training and has promised him a BIG surprise when he becomes a complete success. When I picked him up today the teacher reported that he had yet another successful potty day and I praised him over and over. He said "Can Mimi get me my big surprise?" I told him that he would probably have to wait because Mimi wasn't feeling too good and we could talk to her about it when she felt better. Tonight after dinner my Mom called and I put her on the phone with the kids and Carson was REALLY wanting to talk to her. He came on the phone and said "How are you feeling Mimi?" (totally not prompted by me- I was proud) but then at the same time I thought "Oh good grief he is asking her to see if she feels better so he can ask about his surprise." But you know what? He didn't. He just kept asking her how she was feeling and when my Mom told him that her knee hurt he got the saddest look on his face. I am a big believer in teaching empathy because I think it is a hard thing for little ones to learn but especially for little boys. Carson never once mentioned his BIG surprise. He truly was concerned about his Mimi.

  Everyday when we leave daycare I tell Carson to hold the door open for his girls (me and Kate). He usually half heartedly does it and runs ahead. But today as he was going for the door he said in a big loud voice, "I gotta hold the door open for my ladies!" I loved it! I was beaming and everyone got such a kick out of it.I always tell him "you gotta take care of your girls Carson."

  And tonight when we got home we noticed that 2 birds were hanging out on our porch railing. There must be babies near by because I have seen these 2 birds in the same spot for weeks now keeping watch. I brought the kids over and showed them. They were in awe for a little while and then Kate said something I couldn't hear and they ran into the house. I thought "well, that's that." I went to go get the mail and by the time I was walking up the driveway I saw this.

They were bringing the bird houses that they made last week end out for the birds. Kindness in action. :) I know I know. Every body's kids do these things. But like I said, I really needed these little encouragements to keep the faith.

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6