Friday, September 13, 2013

Family Pictures

I have been making a more conscious effort to actually BE in pictures with my kids. I remember one picture of my Mom from when I was young. I know there were several formal family portraits but only one candid one that I can really remember. She was holding my youngest brother looking over her shoulder at him and Oh my Goodness she's so beautiful in that picture. She is beautiful now but I wish there were more pictures of her with US. I feel that she fell into the trap that I did. I have zillions of pictures of my kids (that's a conservative estimate) but not very many where I am actually in them. I have this feeling that when asked what I looked like when they were young my kids will say quite wittily (because I just know that will be sarcastic...I mean witty:) "Well her face kind of looked like a Nikon D3100." Ha! Well no more. I urge any Mom reading this to take more pictures with their kids. I'm just betting that my kids will love it in the future when they look back at this blog and see their old mom:) And if you're holding back because of that extra 10 lbs or no make up thing....get over it! Your kids won't care. They just want to see you!  Now go take a picture with your kid...go!... do it! Here's our latest...

My Favorite


the Whitelaws said...

Thanks for the great reminder! I need to do more of this, too.

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