Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sugars at the Sugar Shak

On the last day of our vacation we found Rosemary Beach. Its this cute little town that was about a quarter mile away from where were staying. A much better bike ride than the one to seaside. We found a sweet shop called the Sugar Shak where we indulged in ice cream which had become a theme of the trip. We also tried to get some crazy cousin pictures. Ha! We all know how that went but there was some cuteness in there as always.

I love this girl.

Sock boy. Avoiding his picture taking Mommy

There a sleep good morning smile from Kate!

Definitely the cutest picture of the trip. Those legs! Those boots! That swim suit! There's just too much cuteness going on in this picture. Can't wait to show this one at her picture slideshow at her graduation. What do you think Stace?

Kate watering the flowers...with chlorinated water. I really hope those bushes made it.

Two things saved me on this trip. One was the I pad (See the post The Never Ending Bike Ride) and the second was these puddle jumpers that Marin and Hollis let us use. The kids loved being independent and I loved them being independent.

These houses surrounded the pool.

The pool was huge at our condo. Such a treat for all of us and a lifesaver when the beach was just too much.

Carson and Marin enjoying a sweet treat

This next series of pictures was hilarious.

Carson is actually trying to do what I am asking him to do.

And Marin is thinking "Listen Carsie I love you and all but that arm around me needs to go!" OR is it  a moment of sweetness as he touches his hand? I'm thinking the former.

Two things to note here. Kate and Marin's crossed legs and Carson's face.

Oh the wonders of a cherry red sucker

Rosemary Beach shopping district

Look at my hand around Kate's neck trying to keep her from running off or my vise grip around Carson. Really cuts down on the sweetness of the picture

This is what they really wanted to do!

Billions of bikes to rent

He was so happy to ride in that stroller. It kept him contained for a millisecond.


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