Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Never Ending Bike Ride

We rented bikes when we got there because we had heard that it was an easy way to get around. We decided that we would go to Seaside that night for dinner. It was a bout 7 miles away. The guy at the bike shop said it would take around 2 hours. Burke thought that was a little bit dramatic and was assured we could make it in less time than that. I'm not sure why people said this was an easy bike ride or a scenic bike ride for that matter. It was neither. I pulled the trailer with 2 kids and lets just say I struggled. I was surprised I was having a hard time, what with all of the running I was doing. Sometimes I had to get up and walk the bike up the hills. Oh the hills! There were too many. And there was this one "puddle" that looked really deep. Stacey and I  sent Burke and Marin on ahead to test the depth. I think he was about to tell us not to come through but we had already started. At the deepest part  the water reached to above our ankles. And we were on a bike! Pedaling!  We decided to stop before we got to Seaside at a seafood restaurant. Surrender! I was drenched in sweat. Even Burke was impressed with my sweat factor. This is a guy that walks out the door and with in seconds is sweating.  We ended the night (after the trip back which seemed shorter) at our new favorite Fro Yo shop. Side note: The next morning Burke took Marin and Carson to get donuts and pulled the trailer. He confirmed that it was no joke and was definitely harder than his bike. I felt a little better. Maybe all that running wasn't going to waste.
Happy travelers for now. They kept fighting a long the way and every time they would fight they would jerk the trailer around which made it hard for me to pull them. I was not a happy Mommy. Aunt Stacey came up with the brilliant idea to placate them with the I pad on the way back.

Marin's look is right on target. She seems to be saying, "Hey I'm just a long for the ride but are you sure this was a good idea?"

Hollis is wondering the same thing:)

Our attempt at a cousin picture. This one says it all.

Love this picture!

Carsie trying to play with Hollis. She is not so sure about it rightfully so!

Again Carsie!

The crossed legs:) This girl loves her fro yo

My favorite picture of Miss Hollis. She is such a happy girl.

My kids were a little wild by this point. Time to go to bed!

Marin probably laughing at the crazy antics of her cousins.


Burke and Stacey said...

Alright, so you may have to email me a few of these pics too. I love the fro yo pictures of all the cousins at the table! So cute!

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