Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Disobedience= A Clean Floor

I know it's Wednesday, but I have to say we had a great week end. This was the first week end in a long time that I didn't have to work. I have learned that being able to work from home is a blessing and a curse. The computer is always trying to lure me over "Come on! There's work to do!" But this week end it just wasn't needed so I was free to do what I wanted. Which included, sewing a baby gift for a dear  friend,  painting birdhouses, cleaning up many messes, hugging and kissing sweet kids, getting a good start on a baby quilt, and getting some kid of order to my house (which by the way is already messed up again).

I threw together this little lovey in a bout a hour on Friday. I had some letter left over from a shirt I made for Kate 4 years ago. It kid of put a hole in my new resolve to purge a lot of old stuff. Finding those letters saved me money and a trip to the store.

I gotta say that left over tulle from Kate's party just keeps going on and on.

Painting bird houses on Saturday morning. I had a few left over from her party so we get to have painting parties every now and then. This was a good thing and a mistake. You'll see... 

Kate's painting style is with a smile and......

A Song.:)

Carson's style includes...the tongue

Body Moves...

And seriousness. (I love that double chin. The kid is in the 15th percentile for weight but he still rocks a double chin)

So very serious.

Ok this is what I was talking about. I left them alone to finish something up on the quilt I am working on (What was I thinking???? I know!) but when I came back downstairs they were having a good ole time slinging paint at each other!

So they helped me get a head start on one of my chores for the week end. Cleaning the kitchen floor. They are still at the innocent age where they fight over who gets to hold the mop. It won't last long. I can already see Kate catching onto the fact that this stuff is not fun. And I am still trying to get paint out of their hair. Washable my eye!

You would think that is why I named my post Disobedience= Clean floors but it's not. Later that night they were taking bath. Everytime these two take a bath we go over my two main rules that they can recite now in their sleep. #1 Do not drink the water which stems from Sub rule#1 Don't pee in the water. (I'm pretty confident that they both break sub rule #1 everytime so rule #1 has to be strictly enforced.) And #2 rule is The water stays in the bathtub! Well I was straightening up while the two tornadoes were contained in the bath tub and I heard a fun commotion. I knew something was up and sure enough when I walked into the bathroom it was Lake Kate and Carson...again. "
"What in the world????" I said.
"Carson was trying to shoot the water into the potty." Kate explained.
And sure enough the direction of the water proved that that is exactly what Carson was trying to do. Very unsuccessfully I might add. But can I just say that they unknowingly saved me a lot of time as I was going to mop this very bathroom floor that week end. What could be bettter than laying some towels down and mopping it all up and throwing it in the washing machine? Have a I stumbled on a cool housekeeping trick?. Nope. But at that moment my kids disobedience worked in my favor. Just like the time they emptied the entire contents of my bathroom cabinet into the bathtub and then turned the water on. Yes.... they did. But in the end it saved me hours of organizing.Hey!  I was going to throw out that mascara from 2005..someday..... they just fast forwarded the whole process. :)


Burke and Stacey said...

HILARIOUS!! Glad you got some craft projects and "spring cleaning" in this weekend! Sounds like a fun, successful weekend.

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6